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Sometimes when surfing social medias, we will see some posts like “Childhood before 2000 vs Childhood after 2000”. Yes, kids nowadays play with gadgets more than us. If you were born in the year before 2000, you probably know my feeling, wishing to go back to the “old time”. The owners of a hidden gem at Taman Rasa Sayang,...

Okonomi New Menu @ Publika

Remember few months back in January, Okonomi was just a 2-month old Japanese restaurant in Publika. (Check out the previous post here). As mentioned in the previous review, Okonomi stands out from the crowd is because of their customised sushi roll. Meaning that diners can choose what they want to have in their sushi roll. This time, I am back...
Both of me and Danny love any type of cuisine, but we both are not into Korean Cuisine. We don’t like kimchi and the sauces. Thus, we only went for Korean restaurant once. Recently, we were invited to a food review at Mr. Dakgalbi. Rejected it when I was told it is a Korean food restaurant. However, my friend...

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