About “I Am Sin Yee”:

“I Am Sin Yee” a.k.a, IMSY (www.iamsinyee.com) is a rebranded blog of “Paroles de La Vie” (www.childish-paroles.com). 

Rebranding my blog is because a lot of people seem to have difficulty remembering the previous blog name. Hence, I decided to change it after few months of consideration. 

Even though the blog has been rebranded, the way to blog and the content will not change. I am still me, and I want to let everyone knows, I AM SIN YEE. 

Thanks for your support from the beginning till now. 

About Sin Yee:

The new blog name has told you who own this blog. Yes, I am Sin Yee. A Malaysia lifestyle blogger, who currently based in KL. IMSY is the site that I share reviews, events, and tips from my own opinion. I mainly blog about food, beauty and travel, but not limited to lifestyle or anything I think it is worth to share. 

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