Breakfast Buffet @ Zest Restaurant, Ramada Plaza Melaka


Last Friday, I have shared my stay at Ramada Plaza Melaka (read it here). So here we have our breakfast buffet at one of their restaurants – Zest Restaurant.

Zest Restaurant offers daily breakfast, lunch and dinner from 6am to 11pm. Meanwhile, they also features buffet dinner on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays and brunch on Sundays. The restaurant is spacious and classy. You can easily grab your seat even you are dining with more than 10 or above persons.

If you prefer to avoid the crowd, Zest Restaurant has few private rooms.

I believe most of you stay at hotel before, which serves you with buffet breakfast. So, what so special about Zest Restaurant? The main reason, undoubtedly, choices of food! Buffet breakfast, typically, serves you unlimited bread with few different flavors of jam, with coffee and tea, orange juice and plain water. And also, some fruits and five to six local dishes, and eggs (some are prepared upon request, some serve together with other dishes).

However, in Zest Restaurant, the variety was wide like you are sitting at a foodcourt, which you can get any kind of food. But, the difference is, you eat all at one price. Also, Zest Restaurant is more relaxing and comfy than foodcourt!

Check our the food now!

First, we have pastries….. White bread, oat bread, croissant, etc. With numerous pastes. Or delicious cakes and muffins. Can you believe? It occupied the entire long table!

Or you want light refreshment such as salad or cereal with milk, you can make your own. Treat yourself like you are at home.

Want some local food? Not a problem! Zest Restaurant serves you with Chinese, Malay and Indian signature dishes! Nasi lemak, roti canai, curry puffs, Teow Chew porridge etc.

For egg, Zest Restaurant serves freshly made omelette, stuffed with cheese, ham and vegetables. You can also make special order. I highly recommend you to share, because it was cheesy. If you have the omelette in the beginning, I swear you can’t have other mouth-watering dishes anymore.

Other than countless variety of food, Zest Restaurant also serves different beverages too. Juices, milk, coffee and tea. You can choose to have fresh juices. Just head to the juice bar and make an order there.

No clue to have coffee or tea? You can choose to have Teh Tarik! It was silky smooth.

To summarize, Zest Restaurant offers plenty choices of food and beverage. It is definitely my BEST buffet breakfast ever! I heard that their buffet dinner has even more appealing delicacies. I should bring some friends here to try it out next time when visiting Malacca.

For booking/inquiries, find/follow at:
Tel: 06 284 8888

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