Review: KOSÉ SEKKISEI Special Edition Trial Kit


When we hear of “KOSÉ”, I guess most of us will think of SEKKISEI (雪肌精). However, how many of us actually know KOSÉ has also other brands product? To be honest, when I first learn about KOSÉ, I thought that is the English name of SEKKISEI. After doing some research, then I found that SEKKISEI is actually one of the top brand products of KOSÉ. FYI, SEKKISEI was found in 1985; this year, they are celebrating the 30th year! Creates based on an age-old beautiful translucent skin recipe, SEKKISEI has earned very good review in worldwide. This year, 5 new star products have been released by KOSÉ SEKKISEI, which come together in its special edition trial kit.

KOSÉ SEKKISEI Special Edition Trial Kit

An oriental formula for moisturised, brighter and even skin tone, SEKKISEI special edition trial kit is perfect for first-time users who want to feel and see the SEKKISEI difference for themselves. All the products contain oriental plant extracts – Coin Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica, which work diligently to keep your skin in perfect condition, protected from the harsh environment. 

This special trial kits includes:
1.  SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (20ml)
Cleanse skin without stripping away moisture with this delicate cleanser. Taurine-based cleansing agents leave skin clean and hydrated; while Rubus Suavissmus Extract enhances skin dullness and soothes UV damage.

Direction of Use: Dispense 1-2 pumps on palm(s), foam it with few drops of water. Apply on the entire face, rinse off with water.

Verdict:  It is refreshing. It helps to remove residue easily. My face is still hydrated after cleansing. Hence, no stretch feeling after using. I personally only dispense one pump because it foam up easily, it is enough for me to apply on entire face. 
2.  SEKKISEI Lotion (100ml)
This SEKKISEI bestseller contains ingredients carefully-selected out of 100 types of oriental plants. Use as a toner or a mask, the fine-textured hydrating lotion balances out skin’s moisture levels, prevents dullness, soothes redness and more.

Direction of Use:  Pour the lotion on a cotton pad, pat on face. OR, place the Bihadagoyomi mask into the lotion cap, pour SEKKISEI lotion until the mask tablet puffs up. Apply it on face for 10 minutes, for instant hydration.

Verdict: This lotion has very light fragrance. It helps to tone my skin better. And also, it isn’t the first time I learn about doing mask with toner. I love its instant hydration effect. 
3.  SEKKISEI Emulsion (70ml)
This quick-absorbing moisturiser works deep into skin, preventing freckles, dark spots and dryness. Ingredients like Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla and Angelica reveal a more translucent complexion.
Direction of Use:  Apply 1-2 pumps on a cotton pad and sweep over skin.
Verdict:  I didn’t use a cotton pad to apply the emulsion on face. I directly tap it on my face and sweep evenly. Like it said, my skin absorbs the emulsion quickly. However, it is oily on my T-zone. I guess it is too rich for oily skin. Hence, I recommend avoiding T-zone if your T-zone is oily. 

4.  SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (10g)
A gentle peel-off mask that removes dullness and dead skin cells; brightens and hydrates at the same time. Chinese Quince extract inhibits sebum production; while a blend of oriental plant extracts delivers supreme whitening benefits. Nano-sized black powder allows the mask to spread easily.
Direction of Use:  Apply the mask evenly on face, avoid lips and eye area. Gently peel it off when it dry completely.
Verdict:  A very easy-to-use peeling mask. It helps to remove my blackheads easily. I would recommend using face polish before this peeling mask, so it works more effective to remove blackheads and dead skin cells.

5.  Bihadagoyomi Mask (3 pieces)
Compressed dry mask sheet works perfectly with SEKKISEI Lotion. It gives instant hydration to our face.

Direction of Use:  Place into SEKKISEI Lotion’s cap, pour the lotion until it puffs up. Apply on face for 10 minutes.

Verdict:  Compared to only tap it on face, the fragrance was stronger when using it as mask. The Bihadagoyomi mask is thin but not easy to tear apart. It is quite, but luckily suits my face perfectly. BTW, use this before applying cosmetics, it helps to hold your makeup longer. 

Overall Review
I agree that this special edition trial kit is perfect for first-time user because this kit includes the most basic skincare products and also two kinds of masks. Also, the trial kit comes with a Setsuko pouch (choose from two designs: Kimono or Chic style). Both designs are cute and handy. 
Chic Style

Kimono Style

Product Name: KOSÉ SEKKISEI Special Edition Trial Kit
Price: RM99/pack
Note: SEKKISEI fans can also get their hands on one-of-a-kind SEKKISEI Sakura editions of their favourite products: SEKKISEI Lotion Sakura Design (500ml/RM331.70) and SEKKISEI Kit Sakura Design (Lotion 140ml, Emulsion 70ml, Lotion Mask 1pc/RM150).
For more information/updates, find/follow KOSÉ Malaysia at:
Facebook: KOSÉ
**Thanks to The Butterfly Project and KOSÉ for the review.**



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