Penang Street Art

This time I am blogging about the Street Art in Penang.
I guess Malaysian will know about this famous attractive site.
I have done some small research on the street art,
the reason that this street art project has be launched is because the Georgetown Festival 2012.
A big thanks to Ernest Zacharevic, who hand painted all the murals.
Danny and I have paid our visit twice in this street art;
yet, we still not manage to see all the paintings.
Because Ernest has done some new murals after our first visit,
and also some murals in the earliest stage weren’t there anymore.

Map of Street Art in Georgetown
Again, it was a sunny afternoon when we went to the street art.
The weather is super hot.
We walked to each murals along with the map which was given by a shop owner there.
Since the sorting of murals are random,
some murals are far apart from the mural that was alphabetized after it.
For example, A is nearer to O but further to B.
So, by following the advice of the shop owner, 
we did not visit the murals based on the “ABC” on the map.

The “Magic” mural was the first mural we saw since it is just located next to the shop provided us map.
And then we carried on our walk.
Wow! we saw the most famous mural: “Kids on Bicycle”!!! =D


Street Art #1: Magic @ Jalan Armenian

Street Art #2: Kids on Bicycle @ Jalan Armenian

This mural has the most crowd to queue for photography.
Instead of something “normal”, 
Danny and I made an idea of our photographs.


We didn’t ask others to help us taking this.
We made these photographs ourselves.
That means there is actually combination of two photographs! =D
Brilliant idea?
So, as you can see, there is a line in the center. =3

When we seeking for the other murals, 
we also saw some sculptures.


Street Art #3: Then & Now @ Jalan Armenian

Street Art #5: Procession @ Jalan Armenian

Street Art #6: Property @ Jalan Victoria

Street Art #4: Double Role @ Chulia Street Ghaut

And then we found the “Children Playing Basketball” mural.
While the “Sibling on a swing” mural is just at the opposite lane.

Street Art #7: Children Playing Basketball @ Chulia Street Ghaut

Street Art #8: Brother and Sister on a swing @ Chulia Street Ghaut 

The above are some of the photographs we took during our first visit.
And the second visit to Penang Street Art was on 3rd November 2013,
the day right after I was “released” from NS…
The second visit, we were looking for the new added murals — minions!!
Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do~~~~ 
We asked few people, and we walked quite a number of streets,
finally! We “Meet the Minions in Penang”!


Street Art #9: Meet the Minions in Penang @ Lorong Soo Hong, off Armenian Street. 
Personally fav. the selfie with my dear, 
am I look alike to the facial expression of the minion? XD
Well, this is definitely the same person.
I am just with different hairstyle, skin tone and wearing spectacles. >.<
NS did cause me darker much much… =(

Then we proceed to the “Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do Minions”…
And my dear was posing like he heard the loud bee do bee do from the minion. =X


Street Art #10: Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do Minion @ Lebuh Ah Quee
Apart from the funny and cute murals,
I personally think that some murals are trying to bring us back to the history as well as advice.
For example “Our Art is Dying” mural, and this piece of mural is really started wearing off.
I think it is because of the wall is breaking…
It was like telling us, art is dying after time.

Street Art #11: Our Art is Dying @ Carnarvon Street
I know, here’s only a very small portion of the sculptures and murals in Georgetown.
I am sure I will visit the street art again and again, 
as long as I can still travel. 😉

Ah ha, I guess some of you might be asking why we don’t rent a bicycle.
Simple enough, I don’t know how to ride. =.=”
So, I use my legs as a transport…
For those who know cycling, please go ahead to get a bicycle. 
It will definitely shorten your time to reach the next piece of artwork.

After reading this post, 
did I motivate you to visit the Street Art at Georgetown, Penang?
If yes, take your planner now and look at holidays!
Make a date with your friends or family in this heritage street of Penang.

For more photographs, click here.

Name of Attraction: Penang Street Art
Address: No exact address, but you can start your tour at Lebuh Armenian, Georgetown
(Here’s a custom google map link for Street Art.)
Entrance Fee: No
Recommendation: If you know cycling, rent a bicycle

= Additional Information = 
You can go to Penang Street Arts website OR join their FB Group for the latest updates on Penang Street Art.

Refer to Tourism in Penang for more travel tips in Penang.


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