Batu Caves in Selangor

Good afternoon, people!
New blog post again!
This time, I am going to introduce an outdoor attraction in KL.
A religious site of Hindus~~
Yes, it’s Batu Caves!

Batu Caves entrance with Murugan statue
Too bad I did not have a panorama shot,
if not, I can show you the full view there. 
This was the first time I went to Batu Caves.
Did I mention I am not a local? I am Sabahan. 
Don’t be surprise that this was my first visit at Batu Caves ya. 😉
Back to the topic, we went to Batu Caves,
it was a sunny Sunday!
And I didn’t apply sunblock!!!!
OMG! Luckily Danny and I weren’t getting sunburn~~ >.<
But, we became darker afterwards. ='(
Oppps~~` Out of topic again… 
Okay, Danny and I went to Batu Caves, 
since it was Sunday, and it was school holidays that time,
the place was crowded with tourists as well as the worshippers.
However, I believed the crowds will increase during the Hindus festival, Thaipusam.
But, we missed the festival this year.


The Murugan statue is located beside the Batu Caves entrance.
It is one of the main attraction there.
Because it is a very huge size of statue.
See the previous photographs,
you can see how tall the statue is.

Apart from that, there is a lake at the left of the entrance.
Along the lakeside, there are people selling souvenirs.



After taking our tour at the ground,
we started our “climbing tour”~~
According to Tourism Malaysia, tourists/worshippers are required to climb 272 steps in order to reach the Temple Caves.
What? 272 steps?
It was testing our limit!

During the climbing tour, tourists are able to see monkeys around.
And the scream caught our attention.
The monkeys are very naughty,
perhaps, I should said the monkeys are desperately craving for FOOD!
So, my advice is that DO NOT bring food when you climb the staircase~~
You will be one of the targets of those monkeys.
Unless you are kind enough, 
like the lady we met,
she prepared bananas and give them to the monkeys.

And if you are carrying bag, please beware as well.
The monkeys may think there are food inside.





See? They are everywhere.
They are spotting on people who have food.
they will walk to their target’s back and grab!

Also, we saw something very heart warming,
an old Hindus lady climbed all the way up to the temple.
And her son (we assumed) was accompanying her to climb step by step.


Below the Temple Caves, there is a cave named as Black Cave.
Visitors are required to purchase tickets if they wish to take a tour in.
Since it needs money, we didn’t plan to make a walk inside.
According to the noticeboard there, 
since Black cave is undeveloped cave,
visitors are able to explore the nature and watch unique species of flora and fauna such as fruit bats.


Don’t know how much time we spent to climb up the 272 steps,
finally we arrived with a very strong smell of sweat~~
Ewwwww….. You definitely need a shower after this.
We were a little bit tired,
since we seldom exercise.
But, the beauty of Temple Caves comfort us immediately.
The caves are beautiful!

The walls are full of stone carvings.
And there are three Hindus shrines built inside the caves.
We were blessed enough to see the worship ceremony.


About 40 minutes, we left the Temple Cave.
We climbed down the long staircase.
Peeps, please be careful.
Watch your steps, the stairs are slightly narrow compared to the normal one.
And also beware of slippery.

Below are some tips from us:-

  1. DO NOT bring food/beverages when climbing up the stairs. If you insisted to bring, watch out the monkeys!
  2. Apply sunblock if you are going there in a sunny day, unless you don’t mind to become darker.  Perhaps, you can consider to bring an umbrella?
  3. It would be good if you can climb up/down the stairs follow the side so that you can avoid falling down easily.
  4. Respect other’s religion since Batu Caves is a site of Hindu temples and shrines. Lower your voice when there is ceremony on-going. This is a basic respect to people.

Name of Attraction: Batu Caves
Address: Batu Caves Sri Subramaniam Temple, Kuala Lumpur 68100, Gombak, Selangor.
(Coordinates: 3°14′14.64″N 101°41′2.06″E)
Entrance Fee: No
Getting there:

  • By Car/Taxi (parking fee needed; RM2 for car and RM10 for taxi)
  • By KTM (KL Sentral – Batu Caves; walking distance)
  • By monorail and bus (Take monorail to Titiwangsa and take a ride on bus U6)

Here’s an end of my sharing about Batu Caves.
Hope this sharing do give you some insight on Batu Caves, one of the attractions in KL.
Please do not hesitate to leave us a comment if you have additional/updated information about Batu Caves.

For more photographs, click here.


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