Nando’s Ramadhan Set for 2

Two days ago, Danny and I went to Nando’s for our lunch.
We were planning to order two regular sets with side order.
But then, we came across a promotion notice — Ramadhan Set for 2 at RM57!

This was my second time dined in Nando’s.
I am not really sure what’s the normal price for the dishes.
But Danny said, this Ramadhan set is cheaper!
Instead of 2 regular side, I changed it to 1 fino side.
If you would like to have fino side, feel free to ask the crew.
Danny’s set: 1/4 chicken with 2 Regular side
My Set: 1/4 Chicken with 1 Fino Side
In conjunction with these two sets,
Ramadhan Set also offered side salad, chocolate crunch roll and 2 glasses of bottomless Coke.
Chocolate Crunch Rolls
Side Salad
2 Bottomless Coke
When it said bottomless,
it mean we can refill as many as we can!
But, I don’t think we can drink many though.
Not sure whether we can change the drinks.
Maybe you can ask the crew when you are ordering this set.

Overall, this Ramadhan set is similar to your order of 2 regular set meal.
But they have more, 1 side salad, free flow drinks and chocolate crunch roll.
RM57 is before tax and service charges.
So, in total, we have spent RM66.10 for this Ramadhan set.
You may take this set if you are planning to dine in Nando’s.



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