École P @ Damansara Uptown


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Two days ago is our first year anniversary.
We was first planning to go Redang to celebrate.
But, it was too last minutes.
We couldn’t make a booking.
So, we only went for a very simple dinner for celebration.
The restaurant we went was École P @ Damansara Uptown.
I swear this place will bring back everyone’s memory in school time.
École P is a back-to-school themed restaurant & cafe.
They serve western food and desserts.
The name of their beverages are great.

I suggested to make a reservation if you are planning an important gathering.
Because they only have few tables due to limited space.

Since it is a back-to-school themed cafe,
of course it was full of our school time decorations.
Tables, classroom, tools etc.

Did these photos bring back your memories?
More to come~~~
Now showing some close up on those displayed items.
Remember those stationary we used in our school time?
Those pencils I think we are hardly to get them nowadays.
And those erasers; do you same like me?
Collect as many as I can and show people my collections!
And and and… Oh gosh! Diskette!!!
That’s been almost a decade I didn’t see this.
I bet children this day only know USB and cloud. =(
And Kamus Perdana? 
Without it, I couldn’t complete my bina ayat… XD

Other than this, they also have toys and games in 80’s and 90’s.
Do you remember them?
I shall ask, do you miss them?
Also our childhood’s snacks were sold.

They’re still many details that can bring back us to the childhood.
See more in Galerie – École P..

Food & Beverages
Okay, I shall introduce the f&b in École P.
They also put some effort on their menu too.
Look, it is our buku latihan! =D

And their forks and spoon are put in pencil case,
which is inside the tiny school bag hang at the side of table. =)
Okay, it’s time to introduce our dinner of the night.
Chicken Chop @ RM16.90
Fish & Chips @ RM17.90
Doraemon @ RM8.90 & The Mask @ RM8.90
The beverages we drank were mocktails.
All the meals we ordered are delicious.
Especially the mashed potato in the chicken chop is really nice.
The taste of butter is just nice.
While the salad are mixed with green and red apple.
The sweet and sour taste is what I wanted.

Ignore the smartphone,
I bet this dining table must bring you back your recess time during school time.
Close enough like you were eating with friends in the classroom. 😉

Apart from that, do you still remember some fun stuffs happened in school?
Let’s us bring you back to that old time.

Ah-ha.. Got caught sleeping in the class.
And those thoughts you have had during class.
Do you think my dear is a good actor?
He seem he is really need some rest hor~~ XD

Not to say it is very cheap,
but it’s still okay for spending RM52.60 in our 1st anniversary dinner.
Till here then.
Remember for more photographs, see Galerie – École P..

Instead of viewing these photographs,
why don’t you go with a gang of friends and chill.
Maybe your old classmate gathering?
So you guys can catch the memory you shared?
Hope you like this theme. 😉

École P
19m, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
School hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 
                 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm                
Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
                                        (Closed on Thursday)                                       
FB Fanpage: École P
** It is somewhat difficult to give landmark to search École P, 
Suggested to use waze.
If you at the t-junction, 
you look straight to the level 1,
you can see École P’s signboard. ;)**


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