How To Apply Australia Visa at Home With Only RM25?

Update 8 April 2020: Latest news from iAdventure, the charge is RM25/pax!
Update 6 March 2019: Reader informed the charge is RM45/pax now. For visa verification, please read:
Update 3 May 2018: I just came back from Adelaide, Australia on 1 May. Applied visa from this website again, it is RM25/pax. Enterring smoothly with the ETA. No any question from the immigration officer. Please go ahead and apply.
BTW, website interface has changed but still easy to use. Happy holiday!
Update 29 Aug  2017:  Nur, a reader on this blog post mentioned she walked-in to apply 9 pax’s visa. You may check her comment below. She provided the full address and website of the travel agent (which is also the one I have introduced here). For those who worry the website is a scam, please walk-in and get it done at the office. Price is same, RM25/pax.

**For whom would like to know where to check your visa validity, I apologise that I do not know any. You may ask Mr. Google for assistance.

Update 11 Aug 2017: A friend of mine has visited Perth this early July. She applied through the website I introduced here. No issue going in and coming out from Australia. Still the same answer, if you are worrying this is a scam, DO NOT apply!

Update 9 Jun 2017: These 2 years, I have received tons of comments and IMs, as well as email asking me is this a scam? My answer is still the same!!!! For me, this is NOT a scam!!!!! Again, I would like to highlight the following:1. This is NOT an advertorial post. I share my personal experience how I apply my visa to AUS.
2. Commentors who asked if this is a scam under this post have no update if they have issue even though I tried to follow-up. So, I can only assume they do not have issue.
3. No complaint/feedback at all from readers telling me, they couldn’t enter AUS after applying visa through the agent. The only feedback I have gotten is the application fee has increased from RM20 to RM25 now.
4. DO NOT apply, if you really worry and think this is a scam. As said, I didn’t face any issue to enter AUS, and no feedback saying they couldn’t enter AUS. So, if you do not trust it, DO NOT apply. Head to the Embassy and apply it is the safest way.If you encounter any problem to enter AUS because of the visa is not valid, please please please let me know so I can update here and avoid others to apply through the agent in future. 

Update 21 Nov 2015: Received emails, IMs and comments, possibly you are also worried if this company is valid. FYI, I went in Perth on 14 Nov and return to KL on 20 Nov. No issue happened. So, go ahead reading the guide below on applying Australia Visa with only RM20! If you still need helps, do not hesitate to shot me a message!

Despite of weak currency, we still love travelling. I have booked tickets to Perth, Australia which will be in the coming November. In this post, I am going to show you how to apply Australia Visa at home. Guess what? It is only RM20 RM25!
It is not the first time I will be travelling to Australia; however, the first time to settle visa myself. I have been asking around on how my friends apply. One of them applied via walk-in. Another one applied via online. Googled it and found iAdventure Escape Travel. I was shocked that it is only RM20/person! Remember my parents paid RM50 last time and I checked the embassy website saying to have AUD150. It is unbelievable cheap! I admit I thought it was a scam; so checked their review and also WhatsApp for inquiry. Finally, I decided to take it. Below are steps to apply Australia Visa at home.
Step 2: Click “Menu” and click “Online Application”
Step 3: Fill in your details. Make sure all are correct before submitting. Click “Submit ETA” at bottom. **Date format is DD-MM-YYYY
Step 4: After submitting, the website will direct you to “Payment Details”. You can choose to bank transfer/pay via paypal/pay via credit card. Pay with your preferred method. You must send your payment details to the agency’s email at
Step 5: Wait for your visa approval. I received mine within half day. Meanwhile, my parents’ received within an hour upon payment!


Hope this simple guide help the miserable one. I have compared few agencies, iAdventure Escape Travel is the cheapest! Their response was fast too when I asked them questions. If you are going to Australia or you know one who is going to Australia, don’t forget to share them the awesome news of applying Australia Visa in such a cheap price.
Find/Follow iAdeventure Travel Escape at:
Address: Level-8.03, Menara TA One, 22, Jalan P. Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.  
Tel: +603-2164 5555 / +603-2788 4890
WhatsApp: 012-222 3800
Fax: +603-2181 8481


  1. I don't really get your question. The visa starts from the date you got your visa approved. And will be ending one year later. However, you are only allowed to stay for 3 months per visit. Let me know if this is not what you want to know. =)

  2. is really easy when apply online as waiting time is a hassle if when to the office. Waiting to renew and apply passport already take 3 hrs for me… If can apply online of cause I will prefer online as it fast and cheap. thanks for sharing

  3. Do let us know after your trip from Australia, because there are scam everywhere. Just put up my concern. It will be good to gain the confident from you after the trip. As I found out the approved ETA cannot be check on line.

  4. Hi Sin Yee, thanks for the post. May I know if you've gone to Australia yet and did the ETA work? I'm looking for evidence of a real/credible person actually being able to enter Australia with the ETA from iAdventure before I apply.

  5. Hi Sin Yee,

    I also apply the ETA/Visa through the same agent, IADVENTURE ESCAPE PTE. LTD. Firstly, I m like is it a scam?
    The price is so cheap and the response also very fast. Still waiting for my wife ETA, mine and my son already approved. I hope there will be smooth process to enter Sydney with this ETA. I went to Perth a few years ago and applied the visa tru Australian Immigration website and it is quite expensive compared to iadventure. To share with you, we will fly to Sydney on 4th Dec and on 5th we will fly to Queenstown New Zealand…..

  6. Hi Mr Lee May I know have you gone to Australia yet? any problem? We will be going to Melbourne in April'17, therefore I am looking for more evidence before applying with iAdventure Escape Travel

  7. Hi Charles, did you too apply visa to Australia via iAdventure Escape Travel? Were there any complications upon entering Australia? Looking forward to your confirmation that this isn't a scam company! 🙂

  8. Hi Cassmine, as mentioned in the post above, I have actually travelled in Australia without any issue. And for readers who applied and travelled also no complaint on. Perhaps, you can check again with the agency?

  9. hi Cassmine,

    I face the same problem as you. i just applied it two week back and my travel is next week 28th May, till now still can not confirm has the visa get through!! so since you travel in March, do you face the problem? is this a scam ?

  10. Hi Sin Yee, any of your reader facing any problem with the visa from entering AUS? I'd applied actually and this will my first family trip, so i do not want to have any mishap at airport. Appreciate your advice. 🙂

  11. Hi Yee Pee, to be honest, so far, I have not received any complain from reader telling that they get blocked when entering AUS. Even there are people commented under this post asking is this a scam, but when I seek for feedback from them, they have no reply at all.

    In addition, this is NOT an advertorial post. I share my personal experience how I apply my visa to AUS, and also update on the very top place saying I have no issue entering AUS. So, no matter how many times/people asking me if this is a scam, my answer is still the same. Unless, if there is someone confirm he/she was cheated by the agent, I will definitely state on the blog.

    Hope this clear your doubt. 🙂

  12. Hi Sin Yee, thanks for opening this blog. It really give me the courage to applied the Australia Visa through this page. I already received the visa confirmation. I am travelling this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope everything will be fine….

  13. Hey Cassmine, just wondering whether you managed to get into and out of Australia okay? I'm thinking of applying through that travel agent too.

  14. Aside from I found out that I can also apply a travel visa to Australia using this website Although the latter website is more expensive compared to the one you’ve highly recommend here in your blog. My problem is I am not residing in Malaysia that’s why I chose Travel ETA AU processing my ETA on my behalf. Anyhow, more power in your blog and I truly enjoyed my 3 day vacation there in your wonderful country. Nice and friendly people! Wish I can go back again.

    • Is the legit? I’m looking through their website and it does seem ok but I’ve read reviews on LonelyPlanet saying it’s a scam. It takes 3 days to process and it can’t check the visa validity and authenticity though.

  15. I am one of those people who saw Sin Yee’s post and in thanks for her recommendation, I hereby vouch for her that the website is valid (though the interface has changed). My wife and I went to Perth on 12th Dec and came back on 19th. We applied through the website paying RM25/person via online banking and got our confirmation email within 24 hours. Printed the visa on paper for just in case, but in the end we did not need to show anything as everything was already inside their system. Just go through the info on the website and you’ll know what to do. Happy holidays-

  16. Hi Sin Yee, I just got back from holiday in Melbourne and applied my ETA using the website you recommended. No problem entering Melbourne. Thank you for sharing this info !

  17. Hi Sin Yee, I just applied the ETA from the site you recommended. I found that the approved visa look slightly different with your sample. the top and bottom ETA approved was missing. May I know it was a valid ETA?

  18. I just reached Sydney and applied the visa last month using the recommended link here. Entered without any problems. Thanks for the recommendation.


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