Things You Need To Organise Tea Party At Home


It’s summer! Well, I know Malaysia is always summer-like weather throughout the year. But, let’s assume we are excited to welcome it~ So, in order to enjoy the summer, you can do a lot of things such as picnic at the beach, join summer camp or having a tea party.  Probably girl will love the idea of organising a tea party. If you are interested but not sure how to start off, you are at the right place. I am sharing things you need to organise tea party. 

1. Decide your time

A tea party can be held anytime. It depends on personal preference. Traditionally, people loves to have a tea in the afternoon, around 3pm to 4pm. But, you can held it at night if you want to. Just make sure you know your guests will free on the time you have chosen.

2. Invite your guest

Obviously, you are not the only one in the tea party. You organise it; hence, you will have to invite your guests. Call them up or text them, etc. 

3. Prepare your tea set and supplies

A tea set is a must; else, how can you prepare your tea? Don’t forget to have small plates, tissues, forks and spoons if you are serving food.

4. Get ready the food and tea

Typically, for a tea party, pastries will be served if you are having food. You can prepare muffins, cupcakes, macaroons, etc. Meanwhile, since it is a tea party, you should have choose your tea carefully. I guess you don’t want to serve your guests with normal tea bag which everyone can easily get at grocery store. 

So… What tea should you get for your tea party? I highly recommend you to get your tea from Hi-Tea. 

Hi-Tea is the fastest growing tea importer and exporter in Singapore and Malaysia. They supply the finest quality of flower tea, fruit tea, blooming tea and loose tea to customers. Not only this, Hi-Tea takes further steps to educate customers about the health benefits of drinking tea. Did you know that drinking tea can enhance your beauty? Ha~~~ I am sure your guests will be happy to know the tea you prepared for them can improve their health and beauty. 

As said, Hi-Tea supplies various type of teas, which include flower tea, fruit tea and loose tea. 

For flowering teas, Hi-Tea has five different series of blends. Health, beauty, anti-aging, slimming and relaxation. You can choose your tea according to your preference. For instance, you are concerning more on health and beauty, you can choose to have French Rose tea. It is a good flower tea for female, helps in beautifying skin and relieving menstrual pain. Alternatively, you can also choose to have Jasmine Tea. It helps to strengthen immune system, improves digestive system. Or, you may also try out Peppermint tea. The refreshing smell and taste helps to achieve relaxation and it is also a good helper in human breathing’s system. 

During a tea party, you are suggested to serve around 2 to 3 types of teas. The above suggestions just suit you the best! BTW, you can also do a special blending: 

2-3 pcs of Peppermint + 3 gram of Jasmine + 4-5 pcs of French Rose = 1 Special Blending of Beauty Series

The taste of all these teas is light. Hence, when blending together, the taste will not turn into something weird. With this premium quality of tea products, I am sure your guests will love the tea party you organise. 

Let’s enjoy high-tea session with Hi-Tea. 

For more information/wish to buy tea, find:

Tel: +65 8157 2210
Facebook: Hi-Tea : Flower Tea, Slimming, Beauty, Anti-Aging


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