Worthy Book: FnB Edition 2014/2015

It is sad that our country currency drops a lot recently. At the same time, we got the implementation of GST in April this year. Trying to save more; nonetheless, no matter how to save, you still need to pay for food! No doubt, cooking our own food is the best way; but sometimes you will still need to dine outside. In order to save this little cost, I chose to get myself a Worthy Book FnB Edition 2014/2015.
If you have been following me for longer time, you may find “Worthy Book” familiar. Yes, I have blogged about it before, the ladies edition 2014/2015 (Read it at http://goo.gl/x5NYjP). The ladies edition is for shopping purpose, and of course, FnB edition is for eatery! Similar to the Ladies Edition, Worthy Book FnB is mainly for foodie in Klang Valley. It has 180 vouchers in a single booklet, and I would say more than 80% of the brands in Worthy Book FnB 2014/2015 are our favourite brands, such as Sushi King, Domino’s Pizza, Morganfields, Kim Gary, Din Tai Fung, etc.
If you are thinking of some pastries for breakfast tomorrow morning, Worthy Book FnB Edition does cover bakeries too. I had my siew pau from Mr. Siao Bao with Worthy Book buy 6 free 2 voucher. 
Well, if you still think the deals inside couldn’t fulfil your stomach. Search other restaurants on FoodPanda; then, key in voucher code in Worthy Book, you will get up to RM40 off. Imagine you ordered RM100 meals from FoodPanda, but you only need to pay for RM60 because of Worthy Book, doesn’t it sound great?
Overall, Worthy Book FnB Edition does help me save a lot. One of the most worthy deal was with MyBurgerLab. Guess what? I got 50% discount off for my second burger. Normally, I would pay more than RM30 for a burger when dining there. Yet, with Worthy Book discount, I got a jaw-dropping price! If you are a foodie who often have your meal out of home, Worthy Book is definitely a saviour for your food journey. 

FYI, Worthy Book FnB Edition is selling at RM29.90 each. You can find it at 7-Eleven, bookstores such as MPH, Popular, Borders, Kinokuniya etc., or you can get the book online.

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  1. Finally someone blogged about the worthy book! Always wanted to know how worthy it is. But i do have a question, would you constantly still buy the worthy book on a quarterly basis?


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