Thailand #1: A Day in Ayutthaya (Long Lek Boat Noodle + Ayutthaya Historical Park + Freshwater Market + Bang Pa-In Summer Palace)

It has been almost two months ago, Danny and I as well as our friends were having a-week trip travelling in Thailand; from Bangkok to Krabi. It was an exciting but also tiring vacation. Thanks to our Thai friend, Antz to be our tour guide. Else, we might get lost in this big city.
Touched down at Bangkok around 10am. Honestly speaking, I was a little anxious. This is my first time visiting a country I has zero understanding on their native language. Thus, I did really appreciate to have Antz with us. The first stop upon arrival was heading to the north, the second capital of Thailand, Ayutthaya. 

Long Lek Boat Noodle (Coordinates: 14°21’38″N 100°34’6″E)
FYI, Ayutthaya is the origin of Boat Noodle; and there are two types – with curdled blood of pig or without curdled blood. I am a huge fan of Thai boat boodle, and I was like finally I got the chance to have the truly authentic boat noodle. Well, we didn’t try the one with curdled blood, because the taste is quite different and not everyone likes that. 

We found it quite interesting that they sell different flavour separately. Meaning one stall is selling pork boat noodle, while another one is selling beef boat noodle. This is because some patrons are Muslims, they don’t have to be curious whether they are ordering the non-halal one.
The portion was two times more than what we had in Malaysia, but the price was about the same. I preferred the boat noodle with soup, it was heavenly delicious; but the dry one had only light taste which I would have to put on a lot of chilli flakes to make it more appetising.
Pork Soup Glass Noodle
Beef Soup Glass Noodle
Dry Pork Glass Noodle
Ayutthaya Historical Park
After feeding ourselves, it was time to have some fat burning activity. We went to Ayutthaya Historical Park. It took less than 5 minutes drive from Long Lek Boat Noodle. A 50 Baht entrance fee was charged in order to visit the park.

FYI, Ayutthaya Historical Park was the Grand Palace in Siam before the Burmese-Siamese War. The palace was destroyed during that war and that’s why you may not see a beautiful palace here anymore. However, it is the must visit place in Ayutthaya. 

The three tall chedis in a row is the landmark of the Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the remarkable royal temple of the ancient palace. Each chedi contains the ash of each Ayutthaya Kings in the ancient time. Till now, the ash was still there. Thus, when visiting this place, do respect it. 
A little saddening was we couldn’t see a complete Buddha statue because Buddha heads were stolen. All were made in ancient Siam, they can be sold in very high price. Therefore, there are Buddha head hunters around, steal them and sell to earn. (Note: This is a crime!) 
Admission Fee: 50 Baht
Address: Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya Pratuchai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Thailand.

Ayutthaya Freshwater Market (Coordinates: 14°22’13.6″N 100°36’58.5”E)
Ayutthaya Historical Park is big, if you want to visit every single corner, it may take you around one day. Our calories burned out, it was time to recharge. We went to Ayutthaya Freshwater Market to have freshwater prawns. The freshwater market is located at the area of Farmer’s Central Market (On the left of Asia Highway – Highway No.32).

One of the food that you can’t miss out when visiting Ayutthaya is freshwater prawn. The prawns were really really big, and 100% fresh. We chose the prawns ourselves and ordered other dishes as our lunch. No doubt, all seafood were fresh and delicious. We would say this was a meal for king! And the happiest thing was the entire lunch costed six of us only 1000 Baht! 
Bang Pa-In Summer Palace
Before we headed back to Bangkok, we went to the new royal palace in Ayutthaya, Bang Pa-In Summer Palace. Noted that there is dress code in order to go into the palace. We suggested to have long pant, shirt with sleeve and with shoes which cover up your foot. This is the safest way to wear. Alternatively, you can rent clothes at the ticket purchase counter. 
This Summer Palace, again, is huge. If you are lazy to walk and you go in a group, you can consider to rent a buggy car in 400 Baht. There is a museum in The Summer Palace. It displays the inner parts of King’s bedroom, living room etc. However, no photograph is allowed in the museum. 
Ladies are required to wear Sarung before going into the museum
Apart from that, if you go anywhere near to the river, you will spot a building which looks alike to Gothic church. Well, it is not a Christian church. In fact, it is a Thai Buddhist Temple called Wat Niwet Thamaprawat. Its unique design makes it worth a visit.
There is a well-maintained green field near pagoda, trees were being trimmed into shape of elephants. They are so cute. We can’t stop ourselves taking photo with them.
Admission Fee: 100 Baht (Ticket Counter closes at 3.30pm, Visit Hours from 8.30am – 5.30pm)
Address: Tambon Bang Len, Amphoe Bang Pa-In, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand.

It was around 6pm when we left The Summer Palace. We finally heading to Bangkok, our hotel to refresh ourselves before going for dinner at Chinatown. The first day was fun, meanwhile, tiring because we woke up at 3am just for our early flight. Thus, after dinner, we return to hotel and rest so that we can recharge for the following day. 


  1. Thailand does have an interesting history and culture which makes them a must visit in Asia. The Ayutthaya is one of the popular tourists spots and just looking at your photos, it already gives us the idea why so. 🙂
    I would love to visit them soon too.

  2. It’s been 14 years since I last visited the old capital of Siam! I’ve been frequenting Thailand these past years but I have never returned to Ayutthaya. You have great photos. They make me want to go back to Ayutthaya.

  3. Nice place with lots of beautiful structures, and of course the seafoods are great! Hope to visit someday. Nice of you enjoying the place and food.

  4. We have been to Ayutthaya. We rode an elephant as a family there to go around the ruins. We ate food across the river from that beautiful palace you saw. Since we have kids, we were not too adventurous with the food.

  5. This place reminds me of the ruins in Cambodia! Such beautiful spots! I would love to do something like this with friends! 🙂

  6. i’m heading to bkk next month and there’s many of this ayutthaya day tour there. wonder if i should take it up?
    those huge prawns looks so yummy!

  7. Thanks so much for giving as the chance to see what is inside Ayutthaya. And thanks also for giving as hint while inside the three tall chedis in the Wat Phra Si Sanphet, I will remember this information.

  8. Ayutthaya is a beautiful place and variety of street food is awesome. I went to bangkok and saw the street food they had was too good. I find it bit spicy.

  9. I love eating in a local eatery/restaurant. You get to taste an authentic and local dishes for a very cheap price. I love those prawns being grilled, my gosh!!! Im drooling on those

  10. I just got back from Phuket and now I am missing Thai food already. Thailand is definitely a country that I will go again and again.

  11. It’s always great to have a local to bring you around. Then you can really experience how the locals live! 😀 And oh, I love, love Thai food. I just got back from Krabi & Bangkok and am itching for a plan to go Bangkok again!

  12. Seafood look super fresh! This is where the boat noodles come from. I kind miss this place as my travel place list. Will add in to my list.

  13. I miss Bangkok so so much! Really have a lot of fun, and love their culture and food as well. And they have very nice place for photoshooting too 😛

  14. I miss travel again after reading your post! Always feel so happy to see you spend time travel with your loves one dear <3 Thailand surely is big enough and can always go there and explore different places!

  15. Haih why are those thieves so bad to steal from such sites! Btw, I fish for those freshwater prawns in Klang! haha! They are indeed yummy.


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