Eat @ J’s @ Taman SEA

I has forgotten when was my very last time, spending my relaxing evening with my dearest at a cosy cafe. Till yesterday, we finally went for cafe hopping with a bunch of blogger friends. It was a sweet gathering with old friends as well as a great meeting up with new friends. A 2-week old hidden gem at Taman SEA, Eat @ J’s, serves home-baked pastries and other savoury dishes.
Missing her days in Melbourne, the owner of Eat @ J’s, Sue, wishes to bring such relaxing, stress-free culture back to Malaysia. And hence, she and her friend, Nicholas, decided to start up Eat @ J’s with Melbourne theme. Sue is also the pastry chef of Eat @ J’s, all pastries were freshly prepared by her. And every week, she will come out with different types of cake so patron can have new option everytime they visit Eat @ J’s. While Nicholas is the chef of other dishes they serve in Eat @ J’s.
Starting up our gathering with Egg on Toast. A slice of fresh salmon was served with scrambled eggs and plum tomato on the toast slice. The toast was crunchy; meanwhile, easy to bite. With the plum tomato, it become more appetising.
Coming next, to warm our stomach in rainy evening, we were served with Pumpkin Carrot Soup. The texture was thick, it was full of the taste of pumpkin. If we don’t know the name of the soup, we never know there was carrot in the soup. Guess the carrot was only added for seasoning purpose.
Then, we tried their signature pastas – Aglio Olio with Prawn and Penne Meatball on Tomatoes and Fresh Basil. Aglio Olio was sautéed with chilli flakes, it was hot and spicy. For chilli lover, you will definitely find it appealing. Meanwhile, the penne was served together with their self-made meatball and tomato sauce. The sauce was heavenly spread on the penne, it was absolutely delicious and tempting. 
Penne Meatball on Tomatoes and Fresh Basil
Subsequently, Grilled Salmon was served. It was a fresh dish for me as it was served together with rockets, roasted potatoes, pearl barley and cherry tomatoes. Again, salmon was fresh. I never think pearl barley combined with grilled salmon could be so delightful.
Another delicious meal from Eat @ J’s was Honey Balsamic Chicken. Mash potato, roasted pumpkin and green beans were served as side. This dish was our top pick of the day. We all agreed that the taste was appealing; however, Danny and I felt it was slightly greasy after having this dish. The chicken was placed above the mash potatoes, therefore, the mash potato has absorb the sauce, which caused it become less creamy.
Apart from that we also tried out one of their set lunch/dinner – Lamb Roganjosh with Rice. The spice was imported from India so that it tasted exactly same like its origin. According to Danny, the lamb was tender. You must eat when it was served in hot condition; else, the taste was not as tasty as when it was hot. FYI, Eat @ J’s has come out with special set lunch in weekdays, check out yourself when you are dining there.
If you would like to have some snacks instead of a main course, you may choose to have Spicy Deep Fried Chicken Wing. It was marinated with chilli; thus, the spicy taste wasn’t strong. Even a non-spicy eater can have this.
Of course, we will not end up our gathering without tasting any cake in Eat @ J’s. We had chocolate brownie. Well, it was not served together with ice-cream, but only the cake itself. It was not as moist as the brownie I had, but I love the top layer. Since it was not moist and did not serve together with ice-cream, you may feel a little dry to eat solely with a piece of brownie. 
Since I don’t drink coffee, I ordered their premium hot chocolate. Meanwhile, most of them tried out their signature drink, cold brew latte. According to them, it was smoother than the normal latte. Sue told us because they soaked the coffee bean more than 12 hours and the latte was made with the soaking water. Other than that, diner can also order their cold pressed juices or sparkling juices.
Hot Chocolate
Cold Brew Latte
Lemonade Sparkling Juice
Cold Pressed Mango Juice
Overall, Eat @ J’s was a nice place to chill. Although it is only 2-week old, they have successfully earned a lot of regular customers. Simply because of their cosy ambience and good service from the crew. 

FYI, Eat @ J’s is going to have their grand opening this coming Satuday (1st August 2015). They will be serving free food and drink. Thus, don’t miss the chance to try out their food!

Eat @ J’s
Address: No. 28, Jalan 23/11, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hour: 9am – 9pm (Closed on Monday)
Facebook: Eat @ J’s


  1. The fresh salmon and grilled salmon look yummy! I’m so much into fish dishes so I was taken by those photos immediately. I also love pasta. Oh, I’d want to try everything you wrote here. 🙂 I’d like to visit this place when I return to KL.

  2. The food presentations made every dish look very delicious, especially the egg on toast on top of a black “plate”. That cold brew latte makes me want to go to a cafe and order one. 🙂

  3. I love hanging out in a cozy place. Especially with a comfort food and a cup of coffee. This is a nice place to discover! NEW and exciting!

  4. Before anything else, I just would like to scream at how that salmon looks delicous! Anyway… what I like about this cafe is that it has other offerings other than pastries and coffees which most cafes offer. I mean, when we hear the word cafe, we usually think of a coffee shop right? So I’m glad that they offer more than just that.
    I really love the interiors of this place and yes, the right word to use is cozy. It does look so cozy in there.

  5. That pumpkin soup looks very appetizing! I would really like to try the lamb you described, and yes, have to eat it while it’s hot.

  6. That grilled salmon is giving me the worst kind of cravings right now! The Honey Balsamic Chicken sounds soooo good based on your post too. Shall keep this restaurant in mind.

  7. I long for a glass of cold brew latte! That one looks so refreshing and delicious. This is a cute and cozy restaurant and all the food looks delicious.

  8. Beautiful pictures! I am actually drooling in front of the pc right now, considering that it’s going to be dinner soon. Hehe. I shall wait for them to add more dishes to their menu, then I will hop over for a food review. 😀

  9. Ooo those eggs on toast looks delish! Salmons are my favourite (and my all-time milk booster-I’m still breastfeeding my baby) looks like a mix of fine dining art in moderate serving portions. I will probably order seconds hehe big eater lolx… Thx for sharing!

  10. Looks like a homely and warming place! will definitely try to visit some day.
    <a title=“GreenStory” href=”” rel=”nofollow”> do drop by… GreenStory</a>

  11. i like how the food’s served in bite size, like the grill salmon, and the chicken on mash. Was that something special the cafe did for your groups or is that the usual at the cafe?

  12. Really coffee makes everything possible! The foods are great too with lots to choose from the menu. Nice place to stay in the early morning.

  13. Awesome to be able to hang out with your other blog friends! Wish we can regularly meet like that here in Sacramento.
    The food looks good especially the salmon on toast and that chicken on potatoes. Sorry about the brownies though.

  14. seems like this restaurant serves quite a variety of food. As a big fans of salmon I really wish to try out their grilled salmon and egg on toast. thanks for the recommendation


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