Review: Mirae Collagen

Collagen is the main connective tissue in our body. However, it is sad that we lose a lot collagen starting from the age of 25. I am aware of it before I was 20. And I have tried few collagen products, either in liquid, gel, jelly or powder. Well, I am not an expect to tell which is the best collagen product in this universe. However, I would like to share with you, this fish collagen product – Mirae Collagen.
Mirae Collagen
A product from Thailand; but ingredients from Japan. Mirae Collagen contains 90% collagen and 10% fibre & vitamin. Compared to other brands, Mirae has no precipitate and 100% water-soluble. FYI, both men and women can consume Mirae Collagen. It is safe to consume since they have certified by Thailand FDA. It helps in repairing our body cells and defecation.
How to consume?
It is recommended to consume 1 spoon per night at the first week. Then, half spoon per night the following weeks. You can mix it into any drink for consumption.
As said, I have been consuming various collagen product before. Among all, Mirae Collagen is the easiest to drink because it is odorless, mild taste like melon. Adding it into water, it basically same like I am drinking plain water. Remember the previous collagen I consumed, the condensed milk taste was the reason to stop me drinking it (Read here). Besides, it absorb very fast in the water. It was like completely absorb after 1 second adding it in, no stir is needed. 
However, Mirae Collagen did not give any spottable change on my skin. The only change I can feel was my skin was firmer compared to the day I did not consume collagen.  Well, result may vary depends on people. Or maybe I lost too much collagen which need longer time to repair! (That isn’t a good sign). Hopefully the following consumption, I could see the change more obvious.
Note: Mirae Collagen is HALAL product. Muslim friends can have a try on it.

Mirae Collagen is selling at RM500 for 2 bottle. Meanwhile, member price during Raya promotion is RM364. 

More information, contact YS:
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  1. I drink collagen drinks too sometimes and i think it will help ,but the result may not be instant but surely years ahead ,thanks for the review

  2. Ever since my derma told me that I need to take collagen because I’ve lost a lot of it during pregnancy, I keep thinking of whether I should try those kinds of powdered collagen. But I have read comments that say that powdered collagen tastes awful. 🙁

    • As said, I have tried few different form of collagen. Honestly speaking, powder is the best in collagen. But yes, the taste is awful. Mirae collagen is totally different. They have very mild melon taste. You can have a try too.

  3. Here in singapore I have heard so much about collagen products be it collagen drink or collagen cream but till now haven’t tried any of them. Let see if i can try it one day.

  4. I have tried Meiji collagen before and have to say it really was quite … tough to swallow. I’d be interested to know if the long term effect is good with this !

  5. Would love to try this product myself too! Collagen is really important to the skincare of every person. Definitely interesting read! 😀

  6. Theres a collagen powder brand here in Manila. Few of my friends have been drinking it and said that they can mix it with juice or coffee. I wanna try those coz my body changed so much after getting pregnant for 2x

  7. That’s pretty expensive for collagen, I guess it’s superior quality. I hope you get to see more of its benefits soon too 😀

  8. I’m more open to putting products on my skin rather than taking it orally as I’m always too afraid of the effects it could bring to my body. But this is an interesting drink. I’ve seen collagen beauty products like lotions etc and supplements but never a drink.


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