Japan NO.1 Half-baked Cheese Tarts – PABLO Has Arrived Malaysia!


Operation ceased.

Cheese tart lovers, you don’t have to go Japan in order to taste the most popular PABLO cheese tart anymore! Because, they have finally opened their 1st franchise bakery here in 1 Utama Shopping Center! 

As seen in the photo below, the outlet has limited space only; hence, no dine-in, but only take-and-go.
Meanwhile, personally think that PABLO’s uniform is so cute. The crews will greet you with warmest welcome which please the patrons a lot.

The signature of PABLO is the 6-inch Signature Freshly Baked Cheese Tart. It is the original cheese flavour, meanwhile, it is topped with apricot ge. FYI, the doneness of the cheese tart is medium rare, which the cheese is soft and smooth; while the outer part is crispy. Guess what, you can hear the crunchy sounds when you cut it!



Signature Freshly Baked Cheese Tart @ RM45.90/pcs (Can cut into 6 slices)

If you want to try the authentic Japan taste, PABLO mini is a must-try. This little bite is all the way from Japan! It is made in the HQ of PABLO Osaka, then frozen and direct import to Malaysia! Compared to the Freshly Baked Cheese Tart, PABLO mini’s taste of cheese is much stronger.



PABLO mini @ RM8.90/pcs

PABLO isn’t only about cheese tart, but also cheese drinks and soft-serve. When saying about consuming cheese, we will definitely think of greasiness. So, now you are going to drink the greasy cheese? Don’t refuse it, you may regret if you didn’t try! It is not what you think it is. The frute is sweet and sour, which you basically couldn’t taste the cheese. 


PABLO Frute @ RM15.90/glass

On one hand, PABLO cheese soft-serve is also worth a try. It is salty; at the same time, creamy and smooth. 


PABLO Soft Serve @ RM11.90/cone

Besides, there are also finished product such as Sabrel Cheese, Choco Crunch, Golden Brûlée Pudding, PABLO Drip Coffee etc.



So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to check out PABLO 1st bakery in Malaysia now! Experience the most authentic taste of half-baked cheese tart of Japan now, without flying to Japan! 

Pablo Cheesetart
Address: 2nd Floor, Old Wings, 1 Utama Shopping Center (Besides Hokkaido Sushi)
Facebook: Pablo Cheesetart Malaysia 


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