4 Benefits of Organic Hair Waxing You Should Know


As a lady, I sincerely think some body parts’ hair shouldn’t grow. Most girls will agree on me because you definitely encounter the same problem to remove it or hide it when it grows. Yes, the underarms and the bottom legs are the most common are that we, ladies remove the hairs. There are few methods to remove it – pull out one by one, shave it, waxing or undergo IPL treatment. I personally shaved before and now, waxing. Here are 4 benefits why you should go waxing; more specifically, go for organic waxing.

First, let me clarify what does organic waxing mean. Typically, waxing is a gel that applied on the skin, to pull hair out of the roots. Organic waxing does the same thing; however, the difference with normal waxing (commercial waxing) is the ingredients used. Organic waxing is done by organic ingredients which is much friendly to our skin.

4 Benefits of Organic Waxing:

1. Smoother Skin

Compared to commercial wax, organic wax is much friendly to our skin. Hence, it is less irritating; in return, our skin is smoother.

2. More Effective

Even though waxing means pull the hairs out from the roots; however, commercial wax is less effective. Sometimes, commercial wax doesn’t really do what it said.

3. Less/Slower Hair Growth

We know that waxing needs to be done every few weeks. Compare to commercial waxing, organic waxing helps to slow down the hair growth process. Basically, you just need to experience an organic waxing session, you can tell the difference!

4. Finer Hair

Even the hair still grows, it becomes finer.
Well, you probably think these are just theories from internet; however, these are based on my personal experience on organic waxing hair removal session. I am amazed by the result from the deep heart core.
Introducing the one and only organic hair, wax and beauty saloon in Klang Valley – Simran Beyond Beauty. Situated at TTDI, Simran Beyong Beauty is a beauty saloon that offers wax, hair treatment, facial and massage; mainly for women.
FYI, there is also private room and praying room for Muslims.


When I visit, the first thing I received was wax candy. Honestly speaking, I never thought of having my hair removal wax as my snack!? Well, it is 100% edible as it is made by organic ingredients which are safe to consume. The founder of Simran Beyond Beauty, Gurjit told me that they provide this wax candy helps to distract client during waxing. Apparently, pulling the hair out of the root is painful. However, if you are busy with eating candy, you feel less painful. I would say this is a brilliant idea~
After trying out the wax candy, it’s time to try out the waxing session. Basically, all the steps are similar. Put on the wax on my skin and pull out the hairs. As I have already get used to waxing, I didn’t feel it is painful. Meanwhile, the therapist kept chatting to me so that I did not focus on the pulling-hair-out moment.






Threading was done after waxing to make sure customer does feel “hairless” skin. I was impressed actually because I have visited few waxing saloons before, but none of them does the threading part. Sometimes, I can still see the short hairs after waxing. The therapist said because it is too short to pull out. However, Simran Beyond Beauty remove it by threading which also helps to slow down the hair growth progress.
Overall, I really love the service by Simran Beyond Beauty. I have waited for a month before I write this review because I want to see if my hair grows slower. Yes, it does and the hair is lesser. I only saw some hairs growing on the 4th week after waxing. That is amazing because normally my hairs on legs are visible on the 2nd week which causes me not dare to wear short pants. I am embarrased to let people see my hairy legs. Thanks to Simran Beyond Beauty, and I believe if I continue to do my waxing here, the hair growth process will be slower and slower.
So, how about the price? Surprisingly, it is even cheaper than the other saloon I go. For price list, you may check on their website.
Simran Beyond Beauty
Address: No 54A, Jln Tun Mohd Fuad 1, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Website: www.ftwsaloon.com
Tel: 03 7725 3897.
Business Hours: 11am – 9pm (Close Tuesday) **
PH – Close at 5pm


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