Home Living Safety: No Risk of Electrocution with SEERS D2 Instant Water Heater With Pump!


In early 90’s, water heater isn’t a common home electrical appliance. I still remember the day I have to wait for my mum to boil water before taking bath. If you don’t want to wait for the hot water, you would have to take a cold shower. Besides, if you are not careful enough and touch the hot kettle, “tragedy” happens~ You definitely don’t want it to happen! Hence, when the first water heater was being installed, it is the most grateful thing ever.. Yet, water heater has become household necessity nowadays. You can easily get one at electrical and electronic store. If you are following my Instagram, you will notice that Danny and I are going to renovate our new house. We started to shop for all the household stuffs. I am going to share more and more; but first, let me share you my choice of water heater now — SEERS D2 Instant Water Heater with Pump.

SEERS is a Malaysian company which was established in 2008. They market products based on their international patented heat extraction technology. SEERS Hot water System is well acknowledged in the industry to be environmental-friendly and energy-efficient.

SEERSs D2 Instant Water Heater with Pump

The SEERS D2 instant water heater with pressure pump is a high performing, affordable luxury for homes. Supplemented by a heating element in a full stainless steel heating chamber to prevent leakage of high pressure water, taking a shower with the D2 will be one of the best pleasures in the world.

SEERS D2 water heater has a touch screen control which you can control the heater in wet condition. Besides, the water heater’s case is made of fire-retarded material. Meaning that, it is non-flammable.

The D2 doesn’t have heating element to heat up the water. Instead, it is using ceramic heat transfer technology.

I remember Danny’s mum told me not to shower when having thunderer rain because she worry I might be electrocuted. I believe some of you have the same experience too. However, with SEERS D2 water heater, you can shower in any weather~ This is because there are 11 safety points are built in SEERS water heater. You can check out the image below; and the BEST part is NO RISK OF ELECTROCUTION!! Thank to SEERS patented technology – the current breaking device (CBD). If there is any leakage, CBD will cut electricity immediately to prevent any electrocution. Additionally, it also has built-in high sensitivity digital earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB).

Other than it doesn’t have the risk of electrocution, there are few reasons too. The D2 has low power consumption as low as 3,000 watts compared to the common water heater which consume 8,000 watts. Meanwhile, it saves energy up to 60%. That’s why SEERS D2 water heater is our choice for our new house~

The D2 water heater are available in black and white. It is priced at RM560 (currently having promotion which is only RM500!). You can purchase it at SEERS Online Store.

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