Review: Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015

So, this post I am going to review worthy book ladies ed. of 2014/2015.
First, a big thank to Butterfly Project Malaysia for this worthy book.
The first time I know about it,
and it surprised me with its true colors!
So here we start,
why worthy book worth more than its cost!
But first, let me take a selfie. XD
If you are same with me,
this is your first time seeing it,
you must be curious what is worthy book.
Worthy book is a booklet that collect awesome deals, discounts, freebies vouchers;
from some of the trendiest and popular brands in M’sia.
However, please note that most of the brands/shops are at Klang Valley.

In this ladies edition worthy book,
it contains more than RM11,000 discount & freebies;
over 120 vouchers at 50+ malls in Malaysia!

As shown in the picture above,
those are the brands/merchants that join worthy book ladies ed.
Since there are so many,
I only pick few to talk more.
If you’re a fan of F Block!
I’m sure you love these vouchers.
Of course, there are some merchants we rarely heard in this book too.
But don’t worry, you can read the details on the left,
it stated the information of the participating partners.
Or you can also find the details and T&C at the back of each voucher.
Other than fashion, I am sure you will also love deals from nail services merchants!
There are few different merchants in this worthy book which can fulfil your demand!
FREE manicure! Buy 1 Free 1! Up to 40% off!
You can’t miss them!
Also, I found many deals on facial, slimming package, spa, body massage!
These are really good deals for pampering myself.
If you don’t want to go alone, you can invite friend to go with you.
Some massage offer Buy 1 Free 1.
Wanna get FREE DELIVERY from The Body Shop,
then your dream comes true!
Worthy book has this in.
The one and only hair saloon deals are by Kim Marie;
so if you would like to try a new hair cut,
this will give you some offer. 😉
Beauty and health not only from outside,
we need to do inner caring too.
So, Lou Hong Kang is also the one and only inner beauty deal in worthy book that couldn’t be missed!
Now you know how worthy book get its name.
It offers great deals, freebies and vouchers of merchants among Malaysia.
Yet, as I said, most of the deals are at Klang Valley.
Deals outside Klang Valley included Johor, Kedah, Penang, Melaka, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Sarawak & Sabah.
Also, there are deals you can purchase online such as Zalora.
So overall, worthy book ladies ed. does give ladies lots of offers!
Save more, and shop more. =B
Now, I am waiting for the F&B edition of worthy book.
I will sure back for reviewing F&B ed. that time. =)
Stay beautiful and healthy!

Where to get Worthy Book?
Worthy Book is selling at RM25 for Ladies Edition, it can be found on the shelves of major bookstores in Klang Valley such as Borders, Books Kinokuniya, MPH, Times Bookstore, and Popular. Its recent collaboration with Foodpanda, a venture of Rocket Internet, allows customers to order the book voucher online and have it delivered to them.

For more details, follow them on:


  1. forget the rest of the vouchers! that voucher for massage/spa rocks! the problem is vouchers are there is limit to the services. i have had experienced it twice.

  2. That’s an awesome coupon book for a fashionista who loves getting a great deal! It’s not bad in terms of cost, almost $8. If you use most of the coupons, it’s truly worth it.

  3. You’re “let me take a selfie” reference was not missed- hilarious! I live in KL- thanks for the information about this publication!


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