Buffet Dim Sum @ Long Feng Restaurant, Malacca


Dim Sum, one of the styles of Cantonese cuisine, which is prepared in a small portion. Traditionally, it is served in a steamer basket or on a small plate. During my stay in Malacca early this year, Danny and I went for buffet dim sum breakfast at Long Feng Restaurant.

Long Feng Restaurant is eminent for its classic and authentic Szechuan and Cantonese cuisines, served in a traditional, warm and inviting atmosphere. It is also known for its best Halal Dim Sum in town. Hence, Long Feng Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants that you can introduce to your Muslims friends.

There is a huge variety of dim sum dishes at Long Feng Restaurant. For example, the dumpling dim sum such as soup dumpling, siu mai, shark fins siu mai.

Or you can try the salty pastry (in Cantonese, “ham sui gok”) or taro dumpling (in Cantonese, “wu gok”) and also spring roll.

If you want to have something which is more filling, you can go for their turnip cake (in Cantonese, “lo bak gou”). It is pan-fried outside the restaurant and only be served on plate upon order.

Don’t forget to have some desserts. Durian lover can have a try on Long Feng Special Durian rolls. According to Danny, the roll was creamy and fully filled with durian paste.

All in all, all dim sum in Long Feng Restaurant were delicious. The price is affordable and since it is in buffet style, you can eat as many dim sums as you can. Ending this post with a photo we took together with the chef of Long Feng Restaurant.

For booking/inquiries, find/follow at:
Tel: 06 284 8888

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Buffet Dim Sum @ Long Feng Restaurant, Malacca


  1. That's pretty awesome. There's so much dim sum to choose from! I love those, especially when I'm in the mood for Chinese food. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. What a luxurious place! Wish I could dine there someday. It's not really easy to find a good Asian store here in Norway, where you can enjoy authentic Asian dishes. They try, but the ambiance is still different. 😛

  3. It's not good to read this article at lunch time:) The place looks simply amazing – I love the table seating, the fact that they are not crowded. And, of course, the food looks amazing!


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