Humble Chef @ Plaza Damansara/Damansara Heights

Finding some new place for dining;
with cheap price but delicious food.
Then you should go Humble Chef!
Ha! HELP students, especially those stay at Residence/Batai Hostel will know them!
But, did you know they have now have a restaurant at Plaza Damansara?
In this post, I will share both the places.

It has been a long long long pending post in my blog.
I am so sorry to Humble Chef.
I should post this in April,
but the photos taken were blur.
So, I only share this place now.

Back to the point,
Humble Chef initially runs their business at the roadside of Pusat Bandar Damansara,
and now has opened the restaurant at Plaza Damansara.
They sell food maximum RM5!
Spaghetti Menu: (Pasta’s at RM5)
Hot Tuna
Chicken Olio
Seafood Olio
Lamb Olio
Sandwiches Menu: (Pita’s at RM4)
 Lamb Pita
Chicken Pita
Omelette’s (RM2.50)
 Lamb Omelette
Chicken Omelette
(without Bread)
All Drinks at RM1.50
Every night before the truck arrives,
you can see both the roadside are fully parked.
People are waiting for this cheap and delicious pasta “restaurant” opening.
In 2012 and 2013, Humble Chef was awarded as Best Cheap Eats by Timeout KL.
They also being featured by local F&B tv program, Jalan-Jalan, Cari Makan (I was there that time! =D)
Truck @ Pusat Bandar Damansara
Every night 10pm, Humble Chef will start their business at the roadside of PBD.
Customers are waiting for them.
So, it is not surprise everyone need to wait for at least half hour to be served.
Because they are too many customers!
I was once waiting for almost two hours to get my order.
It was only two plates of pasta. =(
But it worth my time.
FYI, the truck is located at the roadside of PBD,
a.k.a Imigresen Damansara previously;
opposite McDonald,
near HELP Residence,
Bridge above Spring Highway.
Erm, I couldn’t think of the better way to say.
Well, the truck is big,
You sure can see it!
Only Humble Chef there!
Use Waze, type HELP Residence, you will get your route there. ><

Restaurant @ Plaza Damansara
So, if you don’t like to eat at roadside,
you can go to their shop!
Some more the restaurant is operating longer than the truck.
Also, you don’t need to wait too long anymore.
They have more chefs…
But, everytime I go, the queue to order remain even though I finish my food.
So by now, you can imagine how many people love them!
In Humble Chef restaurant,
they have added other menu.
There is a corner called Hafizajeedar present,
it is a “gallery” in Humble Chef,
everyone is free to contact the presenter,
to stand a chance being featured on the wall for a month.
With the FIFA World Cup 2014 fever,
it is now presenting the schedule and result of World Cup 2014.
So now, here we go to the food part.
We ordered 2 pasta, 1 pita and 2 omelettes with 2 drinks.
Chicken Olio Pasta RM5
Lamb Pita RM4
Chicken Omelette RM2.50
(Contains chicken, mayonese and cheese)
In total, we spent RM22!
Yes! A cheap and full dinner on last Saturday.
Where can you find a place to eat so many different things but only cost you RM22?

I salute Humble Chef.
In this century, all things are increasing their prices,
but I never see Humble Chef did.
I ate this from my first year in HELP till I have graduated now,
they still remain the price with the same portion.
Sometimes, I think they give more.
The Humble Chef

Truck @ Pusat Bandar Damansara
Roadside opposite McDonald
 Operating time: Daily except Saturday 9.30pm – late
(but usually run out of food before at 12.30am)

Restaurant @ Plaza Damansara
Unit 54-G, Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Damansara Heights, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Operating time: Daily except Saturday 12pm – 3pm ; 6.30pm – 11.30pm

Facebook group: The Humble Chef

**Catering service (min. 50pax), please contact Hussin 014-2296854
(please give at least 2 days notice)**


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