Shakeaway 2nd Outlet @ Sunway Pyramid


Any milkshake lover here? I guarantee you won’t want to miss this! The World’s largest milkshake bar company – Shakeaway has opened their 2nd outlet in Malaysia recently, at one of the most popular shopping mall in Klang Valley, Sunway Pyramid!!

Shakeaway is UK-based milkshake company. They have officially debutted in Malaysia last year at The Curve. They are the re-inventor of milkshakes, serving customers with more than 180 flavours and millions of possible combination (you can choose your own combination)~ All ingredients are 100% natural. Besides, Shakeaway also re-invented a range of real fruits smoothies, 100% fat free frozen yogurt desser as well as low fat fries.




Without further ado, let’s check out the shakes, yogurt ice-cream and fries~~~



A choice for chocolate fan! This is a shake rich with ferrero rocher & kinder bueno, with crumbled flake on top! The shake is not as milky as what we usually take, which allows customer to taste every ingredient in the drink.

**You may request to add whipping cream on top.




This is a real fruits deal. Banana and blueberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon. To my suprise, the original frozen yogurt is quite plain instead of sourish like the frozen yogurt I had. I was told that this is because Shakeaway would want their customers to taste the real flavours of toppings customers added.

Low-fat French Fries


French fries lovers, want to have less calories? Here you have low-fat French fries… Does it taste different from normal fries? Personally think it isn’t! It is delicious and less oily.

Give Shakeaway a try today! Create your shake with your own combination or you may try the named shakes too.

Shakeaway @ Sunway Pyramid
Address: F1.53, 1st Floor, Sunway Pyramid. 
Tel: 03-5611 8182



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