Rescue Your Bleached Hair / Damaged Hair with Organic Hair Cream Bath @ Simran Beyond Beauty


Apparently if you are reading this because you want to rescue your blond hair. Or, you are having an extreme bad hair condition. Few months ago, I have given myself a new try, which was turning my entire dark brown hair into purple! It was nice but I would have to bleach my hair so that my purple can be seen. So yeah, it damaged my hair, and that’s why I went for Organic Hair Cream Bath at Simran Beyond Beauty.

Nah…. Here’s me with my lovely purple hair~

But it can’t hold long and it left the full blond now… Further, it is dry and damaged. Some people choose to dye other color but I think I shall let my hair to rest before another round of coloring. To rescue my hair, I was recommended to try out the Organic Hair Cream Bath.

Organic Hair Cream Bath @ Simran Beyond Beauty


A homemade concoction using various fruits, flowers, herbs, leaves, roots, essential oils and cold pressed virgin oils. Although the concept follows the Indonesian name, it is very different as this is a Hair Treatment which yields excellent results for those having hair loss/hair fall, thinning hair, scalp issues, dandruff, or even oily or dry frizzy hair. 

This is the homemade secret recipe by Simran Beyond Beauty. It can be done for both men and women including for post natal hair loss. BTW, the ingredients of the concoction might have a little bit vary based on individual’s hair condition. To rectify what suit customer the most, Simran Beyond Beauty will examine customer’s hair scalp during the first time treatment.

Before going into the hair treatment, the staff helped me to clean my scalp. This helps to remove excessive oil on my scalp and remove dirt.



As my hair is dry and has undergone chemical treatment, the hair cream for me is mainly made of pumpkin, together with various herbs and essential oil. Pumpkin is good for dry or frizzy hair and people who has chemical coloring done on hair. Dry, frizzy hair tend to “break” easily hence the proteins, essential amino acids like arginine, glutamic acid and lysine will help build hair strength and prevent breakage. The iron, magnesium & zinc in pumpkin will further help strengthen the hair and hair growth. The fatty acids from the pumpkin will also help keep the hair hydrated. Besides, the copper in pumpkin will stimulate the hair color, hence you will notice that the previous hair color looks revived and hair is more healthy and shiny. I will show you before and after photo later.

Oh ya! The hair cream is premade and stored in the refrigerator. It will be taken out when customer needs it. 

They will then blend the hair cream. 


Since the hair cream is right taken out from fridge, it is icy cold. When applying on hair, it is super cold but comfortable. The icy cold effect can also help to reduce the oil from my scalp too (I have oily hair scalp). After applying the hair cream on my entire hair, the crew helped to do massage so my scalp can easily absorb the nutrients from the hair cream. 

Steam was given too to enhance the treatment.


Ta da~~ Finally done after 1.5 hours! Check out the before and after look below… 

Look better right? However, in order to see a better result, you are advisable to do multiple treatments. You gotta keep on doing facial treatment regularly in order to have glowing skin. So do your hair. To revive it, keep on doing the treatment for a certain period.
Thanks Simran Beyond Beauty for such a great hair cream bath for my bleached hair. It is much smoother and softer after treatment. For whom with bleached hair or you are facing hair damage / hair loss problem, you should give this hair treatment a try!
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  1. You’re right, bleached hair totally needs rescuing eventually! I bleached many parts of my hair when I went blue…loved the blue, but then didn’t love the aftermath of bleached hair. It has taken so long to outgrow and am still trying to fully go back to natural. Your solution looks like a great idea!


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