Let’s Get Rid of Dull Skin with Vitamin C Quenching Facial Treatment @ Murad


Dull skin is caused by many factors. It could be due to our environment, poor diet, forgot to exfoliate and many more. In order to get rid of it, you can use the brightening products or pamper yourself at beauty center. Here I am to introduce you Murad’s Vitamin C Quenching Facial Treatment.

If you are following my blog, you probably read the Murad Christmas Gift Set I have recommended. And you also probably know who is Murad. Anyhow, I will briefly introduce Murad again (in case you have missed the previous).

Murad is founded by Dr Howard Murad in 1989. Now, Murad is a global leader in skincare science with a wide range of health & beauty products such as anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, age spot treatments and cellulite treatments. In US, Murad is recongnised as No. 1 doctor skincare brand. Meanwhile, there are more than 50 beauty salons within Malaysia! You probably should check its website to locate the nearest branch to your place.

Before treatment, you will be given a skin analysis by the consultant. From the analysis, you will know your skin better and the beauty consultant will also suggest the suitable treatment for you.

If you would like to gain back your glowy and radiant skin, you are recommended to try the Vitamin C Quenching Facial Treatment is a treatment that helps to improve dull skin. Besides, Vitamin C Quenching Treatment also helps to moisturise our skin but if you need a treatment that is mainly for hydration, do talk to your Murad beauty consultant.

Ta da~~~ This is the machine Murad used for the treatment.

The entire treatment process is definitely relaxing and pleasing. The consultant is friendly and willing to share beauty care tips. So, if you have any question about your skin, feel free to ask them. FYI, This treatment is suitable for all skin type. Book your session now at your nearest Murad beauty salon today!

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