3 Tote Bags You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

Beauty and fashion are always the topics of girls. A girl must know there are a lot of sub-topics in these two categories. Let’s talk about fashion. We have how to mix and match your top and bottom, shoes selection and also bags. Well, I am a girl who always wear T-shirt and short; however, when come to bag, you won’t believe how many I own. I just can’t resist buying bag. One of the bags I love the most is tote bag. 

Tote bag is a large and normally unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. This type of bag can be used to carry a lot of items. FYI, there are many tote bag designs for every woman to flaunt according to their style. If you have no idea which style of tote bag suits your character, take a look at the three tote bag designs below.

1. Structured Shopper Bag
For the ladies who are always rushing here and there, the structured shopper tall tote bag will be the perfect choice. Why? If you are always carrying documents, laptop, Ipad or have too many things to bring along, you can simply slip it in your structured shopper bags. For the moments you need all your essentials in one place, this is the bag to go to. 

2. The Holiday Tote
On your day off work, it is always best to carry along a simple bag which does not have compartments in them. The holiday tote bags are design for those lazy days as you can simply throw anything in the bag’s spacious compartment and find it back easily. Made from lightweight fabric material, the holiday tote definitely gives you that easy going appearance.

3. Trapeze Tote
If you are someone who still prefers some elegance into your simple style, the trapeze tote will be great to match with anything you have on. The trapeze tote bags are a definite must-have for those city girls who want a nice bag for work and play. 



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