Thailand #5: Things to Do in Krabi

Eventually, here is it for the last post of my Thailand trip in May this year! As mentioned in the previous post, Danny and I had 9D8N trip at Thailand, we started our trip at Bangkok, and ended it at Krabi. Before I started to share on what to do in Krabi, I would like to clarify what most people have actually misunderstood about Krabi. Krabi is a province in Thailand, it is not an island name. If you are going to island hoping, you are normally departing from Aonang, Krabi to the islands such as Phi Phi Island, Chicken Island etc. So here we have things to do in Krabi!

1. Island hoping
When talking about Krabi, no doubt people will think of island! Apparently, everyone comes Krabi for island hoping. There are a lot of travel agents at the beachside of Aonang. All offer attractive island hoping packages and also other attraction packages. You don’t have to buy before going to Krabi, you can buy when you arrive. Our package was 900THB per person, which included all snorkelling set, and private boat for a day. I have forgotten how many islands we have touched down at; however, it would be at least 3 stops – Phi Phi Island, Monkey Island and Tap and Mor Island (There is sand bank linking Tap and Mor Island; hence, I considered it as one stop). We departed around 10am and returned around 4pm.

2. Aonang walking street 
Generally, you will stay somewhere near to the beach. Meaning that, you will stay near to Aonang walking street. I am not sure whether all shops open 24/7. However, most are opening till late night. It is an L-shaped walking street. Guesthouses, restaurants, travel agencies, banks, money exchange and more can be found here. We urged you to walk into the shops inside, you will find awesome bars with friendly local and foreigners, enjoying their nightlife there. 

3. Krabi Walking Street Night Market (Weekend Night Market)
Every place has night market! If you want to have cheap street food; meanwhile, enjoying impromptu performance by the local, you can’t miss Krabi Walking Street Market! It required about 20-minute ride from Aonang. And also, it is a weekend-only night market. So, make sure you have scheduled your trip on weekend.

4. Koh Klang
Koh Klang is the closest island to Krabi town, on the right Krabi River. This island is connect only by long tail boats, crossing less than 10 minutes. Honestly speaking, Koh Klang is a very quiet place with very few tourists. Activities here includes visiting fishing farm, taking a trip into mangroves, catching prawns etc. If you are a person who loves eco-tourism, you will love Koh Klang. And also, don’t miss the seafood here if you visit Koh Klang.

5.Tiger Caves Temple
One of the tourist spots in Krabi is the Tiger Caves Temple. It is a Buddhist Temple, well-known for the tiger paw prints in the cave and the tall Buddha statues. Nonetheless, in order to witness the amazing view, you have to climb more than 1000 stairsteps. Danny and I didn’t make it to the top because we were really tired after travelling through so many places and we had jungle trekking too. Perhaps, we will do it next time when travelling only to Krabi.

Overall, it was fun to visit Krabi. However, the islands were not as beautiful as we thought it could be. Perhaps, if we were visiting here few years ago, it was cleaner and prettier. We have also missed the chance to visit Emperor Lake during the last day at Krabi since we stayed at Tiger Caves Temple longer than we planned. If you are visiting Krabi, you should visit Emperor Lake too.

Note: If you know how to ride a motorbike, you are recommended to rent one! It is only 200THB per day! With the motorbike, you can ride yourself to discover more amazing places, street foods etc.



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