Review: Biotherm Life Plankton Essence

Two weeks ago, I had redeemed my free samples from Biotherm,
for the Life Plankton Essence.
According to Biotherm,
this essence will show the change in only 8 days.
So, here’s my review on this product after using it for a week.
Special thanks to my friends and my dear,
because they helped to redeem samples and gave it to me.
This gave me an opportunity to test on it for 8 days,
and I am able to share my thought with you.

Life Plankton Essence
A gift of nature,
A miracle for skin.
Protected by 8 patents, 
Life Plankton has the ability to stimulate skin generation,
soother and protect the skin.
For the 1st time, Life Plankton is infused at the highest concentration in a miracle essence,
to transform skin in just 8 days. – Biotherm

See your skin change before your eyes
Feel it transform beneath your fingers
8 skin benefits in 8 days:
– More radiant
– Fine lines faded
– More even
– Feels smoother
– More hydrated
– Greater resilience and elasticity
– Feels soothed immediately
– Feels softer
Applying Life Plankton

  1. Apply with dabbing movements.
  2. With both hands,tap the skin with finger tip like falling rain.
  3. Take about 2 more drops on 2 fingers, and draw the number “8”, focus on area that is particularly dry or need attention.
  4. Finish with a “wave” movement, like when open book, from inside and outwards, and upwards.

**Apply right after toner.**

For Life Plankton, a consumer test for 53 women was conducted.
100% stated they see/feel their skin transformation.
Indeed, this result do encourage people to test on it.
So do it.
Since my skin is never flawless,
I am more willing to try on Life Plankton.
The result as below.
Before (left) and After (right); taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 3 without digital altered.
I know it seems nothing different.
It is because of my room’s lights and I am on my period.
It caused the difference seem 0. =.=
But if you notice my redness on nose.
After using Life Plankton, it is lesser.
The skin tone on my forehead also more even.

Another thing that make me excited is that,
only 3 days after I used Life Plankton,
my dear asked me why my face become smoother. XD
At that moment, 
I was surprised even he has noticed some changes on my skin! 

However, there is fact that I did not agree with.
For me, Life Plankton is not oily,
but it is definitely sticky, unlike what has been mentioned.
The first time I applied it, 
I was thinking I have taken too much.
But, it isn’t. 
As it said, I do feel my skin soothed immediately.

Thinking of the positive side,
I should appreciate I have Life Plankton during my period as well.
Why? Because it makes my skin seem no different to normal days.
Everytime when I was in period, like many girls, my skin condition is worse than usual.
But, with the application of Life Plankton, 
my skin can consider in good condition,
no acne/pimple visited me that time. 😉

Overall, I highly recommend everyone to try on Life Plankton Essence.
It really let you see before your eyes within a week!
Another thanks and kiss to my man now.
He bought me a bottle of Life Plankton Essence durin 5.20~
Just because it gave me satisfied result in a week trial.

FYI, it is RM190 per bottle in Malaysia.
The beauty consultant told me it can last for more than 3 months.
Now, Biotherm is having special offer upon purchase!
Starting from 23rd May 2014,
customer will receive a complimentary 3-piece gift set when purchase Life Plankton,
while stock last.
The gift set contains: (from the left to the right)
– 24 h deep hydration replenishing gel
– tonifying exfoliating cleansing gel
– instant hydration toning lotion
Redeem free samples
Try it today to see and feel the transformation on your skin.
Try it to believe it!

FYI, I saw many people saying many counters had out of sample.
Other than that, my dear told me he also went few places to buy this for me.
I believe many customers see its result too.
So, hurry up! Don’t miss the chance to see your skin reborn in just 8 days.
I swear the result wouldn’t let you down.
Happy trying!
Redemption website:

**I redeemed samples at Aeon, One Utama while my friends redeemed at Parkson, Sunway Pyramid.
My boyfriend bought it at Parkson, KLCC as Isetan was out of stock that day.**


  1. I like BioTherm and I currently use their Purefect Hydrating Gel which works for my combination skin. Must check out this new release from them too…

  2. I’ve heard a lot about Biotherm. I think I may even have a free sample somewhere in my make-up box. I am yet to use it though.
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  3. Biotherm products are really good! I would really like to try this one 🙂
    Hope you keep on using it to see better results!

  4. nice review and fully descriptions..
    and good one because also attach before and after used!
    thank you for sharing

  5. I have seen biotherm in salons but never tried it. I think if it is good for your skin then it’s worth the expense. Even the packaging looks relaxing.

  6. I’m always on the lookout for hydrating skin care products and this seems like one of those which might help me. I should check out the Biotherm here then!

  7. Your skin looks so much brighter after using the Biotherm.. I shall try it out too.. 🙂
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  8. this is my first time to read about the product.. very interesting..
    -from gig
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