Jonker Street @ Malacca

I really think I failed in keeping my readers follow my steps.
Always been late on posting up places I went.
I was going to Malacca with my dear and his mother during Mother’s day.
A trip of eat, eat and eat…
I’m getting fatter again.. =(

We departed from KL around 2pm,
so about 1 and half hour arrived Jonker Street, Malacca.
And, tata~~ Our half day trip begin!!!! =D

Mission #1: Cendol @ Jonker88
I guess most visitors know Jonker88 is well-known on its cendol and laksa.
So, this shop is always FULL!
The last time I ate was 2 years ago.
And we don’t even get a table last time.
This time, we were lucky enough,
we got our seats within 10 minutes.
Something different from last visit is that they have move their cendol stall inside,
so people now don’t need to queue along the roadside instead.
This is also beneficial to the owner,
because when customers walk in,
they can see the decorations inside the café.
For those visited Jonker88 before,
you would know it is a historical-themed café.
Ancient notes, photographs of President Mao, stamps, so and so are all around the walls.
We ordered 3 original cendol,
it cost RM4/bowl.
We didn’t try other flavour.
I think it sound more worthy compared to the original one,
because it is RM5/bowl and you can get mango, honeydew etc.
However, we felt the quality dropped.
The cendol last time is more delicious.
It was quite disappointing.
Mission #2: Fruit Tea (aka. 60’s Cocktail)
On our way walking to Christ Church,
I have tried out the fruit tea.
**p/s: it is non-alcoholic drink. 😉
This is my first time trying it.
I bought the apple lemon juice.
I forgot how much,
but if not mistaken, it is RM2/bottle.
Mission #3: Egg Ice-cream
Halfway walking again,
I saw the egg ice-cream.
It is actually ice-cream we eat normally,
but what make it unique is its egg shape.
RM3 each for this ice-cream.
Actually if it is in a normal container,
I will shout EXPENSIVE!!!!
But, it isn’t… =p
If you like DIY and you bought this ice-cream,
remember ask the seller give you also the top cover.
Then you can draw on the container.
Mission #4: Christ Church
Finally it is a mission that isn’t about food. >.<
Christ Church is a must visit attraction in Malacca.
A church in coral red with a white cross in the middle of the church.
Built by Dutch in 18th century.
I love the vintage feel so much.
I don’t know how much time we spent in front of the church.
What we did was shooting shooting and shooting. =D
Panorama shooting by Danny with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 built in camera
Photographed by me with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 paired with wide angle clip lens
Mission #5: Chicken Rice Balls
About 7pm, we had our dinner — chicken rice balls.
Need not to say, this is one of the famous meals only in Malacca.
But since it’s night, the most famous rice ball shop closed.
So we went to another one, which recommended by an auntie,
Malacca Jonker Street Chicken Rice Ball.
Erm, the first time we tried.
It’s located at the left side of Jonker Street.
Not the shop lots at Jonker Street,
it’s the shop before you walk into Jonker Street.
Saw the Cheng Ho’s ship?
This chicken rice shop is at the left.
It’s very easy to find as they have a huge light advertisement chicken box in front of their shop. =p
But seriously,
the rice balls really expensive.
It is RM0.50/ball.
In average, everyone will eat 5 balls.
That means it is RM2.50/pax only for rice!

Mission #6: Snacks & Stuffs at night market
After dinner, we walked into the night market.
I can’t stop myself eating snacks.. ><
My dear and his mum laugh at me because I said I am full but I still eating in the street. =0
Actually I still ate potatoes string, and lime juice etc.
But I only remember I want to take photos when I was halfway eating them. =$
Sorry guys…. I can’t stop myself eating in Jonker Street night market.
The photo at the right was otak-otak stall.
This is the only stall I ate otak-otak.
Remember I was forced to try it when I came with my friend three years back.
He directly stucked it into my mouth without telling me. =0
But, since that, I love otak-otak. =D
About 9pm, we finally on our way back to KL.
The end of Mothers’ day trip.
It was a happy trip,
but I still hope I could celebrate with my mum.
But too bad, she is not at KL.
So boys and girls,
appreciate if you could celebrate with your parents. =’)

See Galerie – Malacca for more photographs…


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