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I’m back to blog with the review of JustEyewear service.
Remember I have introduce you guys about this eyewear deal site?
Read here if you don’t.
So, as a complimentary gift, JustEyewear has offered me a pair of sunglass.
This post I am going to share you their speedy service and the product.

The design I chose is Spy + Helm.
I already have a pair of full black sunglasses,
so I chose my favourite color – purple for the side.
Find it at this link..

After confirmation of the design and color I wanted,
I am surprised that I have it the next day.
I was like “Seriously?”..
Wow~ I remembered I only confirmed it at afternoon.
And the admin replied saying that order received.
Then, the next day afternoon, I have received the parcel at doorstep!
The whole process was within 24 hours.

They provided me the tracking number after order confirmed.
It was delivered by ABX Express.
I know, ABX isn’t a favourable courier service.
But, this time, it didn’t fail to show me its express service.

As you see, the box is not that good looking; some side was broken.
I think this is because the box is those soft type.
But I wondered why it needed such a big box to fit a pair of sunglass.
Opened and found there was another box inside.
Seem like I received a birthday present,
and I have to remove layer by layer.
Opened the small box,
surprised to find that there is a warranty card for the sunglass!
Never thought of warranty card from things I bought/received through internet.
But this parcel did have one.
Also, the sunglass was wrapped with plastic.
A handbook was included in this parcel too.
It showed how to remove the lens from the frame.
So, if I only wanted to wear the frame,
I can remove the lens.
Overall, JustEyewear’s service is super fast!
Normally I will only receive my parcel around 2 days after purchase;
regardless the day I confirmed and paid.
But, JustEyewear is different!
I am glad to have a collaboration with them.
For sure, I highly recommend my readers to shop with JustEyewear.
What you expect from an online seller?
Cheap, convenient, discount, fast service.
JustEyewear has them all!
Need to buy your eyewear? Visit JustEyewear!


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