Wings Musicafe 13th Anniversary + New Menu Launch


To celebrate Wings Musicafe’s 13th anniversary, Wings Musicafe has organised a series of celebration. In addition, they have launched a series of new food to trigger the foodie’s taste bud. 

Danny and I were invited to join the food tasting and first celebration activity of Wings Musicafe’s 13th Anniversary which was organised at Sri Petaling branch. I still remember when I was in university, my friend and I love to chill at music cafe. We love listening to live music. Wings Musicafe was one of our chilling place. Now, they are celebrating their 13th birthday and I was pleased to be invited to join their celebration and also their new menu launch!







Starting up the beautiful night with Bacon Salad. A normal-looking salad; paired with the house special salad sauce. It is a secret recipe of Wings. It isn’t only tasting great in Bacon Salad, but also an excellent dipping sauce of snack.

Next, the signature main – Double Cheese Chicken. This delicacy is the best seller since 2005. a half boiled egg yolk topped on the chicken chop, serve along with two layers of cheese. 

If you love Vietnamese food, you should probably try Viet Style Grilled Chicken. A fusion of Vietnamese and American, this dish is another signature in Wings. The chicken was well-marinated and heavenly great.

A fan of creamy pasta? Let’s check out the Bacon Carbonara. I am always in love with pasta, and I finally found one of my new favorite in Wings Musicafe! It is perfectly cooked with a rich unpretentious cream base. Simple, yet require much skill to perfect.

Besides, you may also try Bacon Risotto. Personally think this risotto is not as authentic as I tried previously. It is more “Chinese” taste, instead of Italian cuisine. 

Last, but not least, a Friendship Platter. This is the most suitable meal for a friend gathering. Sometimes, we just wish to have some bites when chit-chatting. So, Wings has come out with this Friendship Platter, including all signature snacks such as crispy salty and spicy chicken wings, porky fries, fried abalone mushrooms, porcupine-shaped franks with mixed fruits and french fries.





Want some cocktails not a beer? Check out Redang Wave and Long Vacation. 

Redang Wave is inspired by the movie “Summer Holiday”. Relaxing and stress-free holiday by enjoying the blueish seaview. 

Moreover, Long Vacation is the best selling beverage in Wings. Salt was dusted around the glass’s edge. You will first taste salty, following by sweet and sour. Personally enjoy this a lot.

In conjunction with the 13th Anniversary, Wings Musicafe is organising singing contest at few different outlets. For the top 3 winners, they will be joining Wings’ music concert at DPAC this coming November! Stay tuned on their Facebook to keep yourself updated!

Wings Musicafe
Facebook: Wings Musicafe 


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