Getting Rid Of Frizzy Hair with Nano Mist Treatment


When hair is damaged or dry, frizzy hair occurs. I am sure everyone wishes to have silky smooth hair. Nonetheless, you still can’t avoid the frizziness. But why? As said, damaged or dry hair causes frizzy hair. It often happens after we have done “something” on our hair, like chemical treatments. Or, during winter, dehydration causes frizzy hair. If you remember, I have shared my hair makeover last month. Indeed, I love my new hair color. However, it somehow causes frizziness. So… How do I getting rid of my frizzy hair? My answer is feeding my hair with water~~

Recommend you the latest hair repair treatment – Nano Mist Treatment!

Nano Mist Hair Treatment is a hair treatment which infuses water molecule into your hair through mist. 

Perhaps, you may think this treatment is just spraying water on your hair. You can do it at home yourself. Well, the uniqueness of this nano hair treatment is the water molecule is smaller than micro. That’s why you called it Nano Mist Treatment. The water molecule is split into nano size which enable our hair to absorb the water faster. 

During the first round of mist, my hair is still dry. I guess this is because my hair is starving for water. Hence, they drink all! 

Then, applying the hair repair cream. 

Here I had the second round of mist. The whole process took around 30 to 40 minutes. 

FYI, this is my second experience of Nano Mist Hair Treatment. Compared to the previous one, this treatment is more impactful; at least, I can instantly feel my hair defrizzed. At that moment, I felt my hair is much lighter.

Guess what? The best part is the price is cheaper! The Nano Mist Hair Treatment at Hairmony Hair Studio is only between RM120 to RM180, depending on protein used for individual’s hair. 

Want to get rid of frizzy hair easily? Go for Nano Mist Hair Treatment at Hairmony Hair Studio now.

Meanwhile, they are having on-going promotions.



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