Enjoy Your Slimming Journey with Centa Svélte Slender Jelly


Have you ever thought of slimming can be so easy, by just eating jelly? I came across collagen jelly previously; and now, I have being told that there is a slimming jelly – Centa Svélte Slender Jelly sold in the market. Wow! This is pretty impressive. A chubby lady like me, or if you are a 9-to-5 working adult, undoubtedly, the “spare tyre” on your waist is always a concern! Besides than eating clean and exercise, I would love to consume supplement or detox product; in order to speed up my slimming journey. Hence, I am pleased to try Centa Svélte Slender Jelly when it was being introduced.

Centa Svélte Slender Jelly

An innovative slimming product of Swiss Biotechnologies International, Geneva, Switzerland, Centa Svélte Slender Jelly with its 24-Hour Max Effect slimming technology, burns and stops fat formation and reduces hunger pangs effectively. It is definitely making the slimming journey easier. 

With the consumption of this delicious slimming jelly, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Burn fat
  • Stop fat formation
  • Reduce hunger pangs
  • Promote active metabolism
  • Boost immune system
  • Drain toxins

Further, Centa Svélte Slender Jelly is certified by Swiss Institute of Quality Standards and also a Double Gold Medal winner in Geneva Invention 2011.

This slimming product in jelly form is gelatin-free and is made of natural ingredients with no additives and preservatives.

It contains:-

  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract – Prevent fats formation and reduce hunger pangs.
  2. Young Honey Orange Extract – Increase metabolism rate.
  3. Acai Berry Extract – Lower cholesterol level and anti-aging.
  4. L-Carnitine – Burn excess fat.
  5. Purple Tea – Act as the anti-oxidant in the product.


Direction of Use:
Consume a sachet of Centa Svélte Slender Jelly before breakfast and another sachet before dinner. For best result, drink a glass of 300ml water with each strip.

**Consult a physician if you are under any medical condition or in pregnancy.

A box of Centa Svélte Slender Jelly has 20 sachets. Meaning that, you will have to consume 3 boxes in a month. I personally love the packaging a lot, not only because it is in purple (my favorite color!), but also because it is handy.

Since a box of Centa Svélte Slender Jelly is designated for 10-day consumption, you can easily tag it along if you are on vacation; either in the original packaging or the ziplock bag that come together with the product. It can fit all 20 sachets in one pack!

Moreover, every sachet has its batch number and the expiry date. In case if you have thrown away its box and have not consumed it for a while, you can still check the date.

Through the visual on the box, I thought Centa Svélte Slender Jelly is in berry color. Nonetheless, it tends to be similar to plum color. Meanwhile, its taste is very appetizing, sweet and sour. Also, its texture is soft, which is totally the same like normal jelly I love to eat in childhood (and now too).

During the consumption period, I have not experienced any discomfort and pain; yet, my bowel movement is better.

Perhaps, because the consumption period is too short till now (I have consumed 10 days); in addition to my vacation during the period, there is no visible result. Anyway, I will consume another 3 weeks to see if any difference after a month. As said, I will do exercise and eat cleaner to maximize the result.

Product Name: Centa Svélte Slender Jelly
Price: RM95.30/box including GST
Where to buy: Watsons and Guardian Malaysia

More info/update, find/follow:
Facebook: CENTA Malaysia 


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