Review: Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad


Girls, did you remember the first time when you have your menstrual cycle? When was it and where was it? And, what is your reaction? I remember it was in my Standard 5, in school. I wasn’t panic at all, walked to the teacher’s office and requested to have a sanitary napkin from my teacher. I am glad that my mom was willing to share the knowledge with me, which some mothers actually think this is a topic that shouldn’t talk about. Since that, sanitary napkin becomes one of the must have things in my bag. There are different brands of sanitary pad in the market. Recently, I have come across Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad. Here is my two cents on it.

Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad

The Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Pad Company specializes in the creation of all-natural, high quality functional napkins that are designed to optimize comfort levels and health levels in menstruating women. In addition to being safe, our products contain bio-herbal products that are designed to improve the health of the women that elect to use them.

Why Amez Care? 

1. Unique 3D Ergonomic Leg Cuff
2. Perforated Ultra Soft Top-Sheet
3. Functional Chip With Anion, Far-IR, Nano Silver, Natural Antibacterial Action With Exclusive Herbal Extracts
4. Sterilized Upper Dust-Free Protective Layer
5. Ultra Thin “Super Absorbent Polymer” (SAP) Layer
6. Sterilized Under Dust-Free Protective Layer
7. Breathable, 100% Anti-leak And Strong Adhesive
8. Glue And PE Waterproof Release Paper
9. Shield Bacteria Wrapping

Currently, Amez Care has 4 types of sanitary napkins pad: Day, Night, Pantyliner and Travel Package. I have tried out the first three:

Day Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad 

Amez Care Day Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad Napkins are designed for quick absorbency and comfort during the day time hours. This product exemplifies the newest and most extensive breakthrough technology in day sanitary napkins for women.

Night Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad 

Night Sanitary Napkins include several layers and multiple anti-leak channels. These work together in order to block leaks on the sides, the front, and the back of the napkins. It does not matter how much you toss and turn, you will find that our products offer the maximum level of leak protection.

Pantyliner Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad 

Pantyliner for Women may be used daily as an effective means to manage discharge, during mid-cycle to manage increased secretions as a result of ovulation, or on those days when spotting from the menstrual cycle occurs. In addition to this, these products are perfect for optimal protection from those periods that pop up and occur unexpectedly.


I think every girl will love the packaging of Amez Care Sanitary Napkins Pad. Not only because of its handy size, but also because of the feminine color on its packaging.
Further, I personally love its mild fragrance. It is nice and it truly help to stay away from the embarrassing smell all-day long. 

I am a person who always turns here and there while sleeping. Thanks for Amez Care Night Sanitary Napkins, I don’t have to place a baby mat anymore during my period! Yes, I did place a baby mat on my bed when I am on period to prevent the leak makes my bed sheet dirty.

So far, I am satisfied with Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad. There are more benefits await you to discover yourself. 

You may find Amez Care Bio Herbal Sanitary Functional Napkins Pad at Aeon Wellness Pharmacy, HealthLane Pharmacy, etc. 

Alternatively, you may purchase online at

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