Japanese Authentic Dessert: Taiyaki @ Tanoshii Dezato

I think 99% of girls love dessert. So do I. My favourite dessert is ice-cream. Ice-cream can be served in different ways, such as served in a cone or cup, or added onto a drink as float, or served together with pancake or waffle. And the most trendy way of having it is eating with taiyaki.

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. In tradition, taiyaki was filled with sweetened azuki red beans paste. It was created 100 years ago in Japan. After decades, the choices of paste for taiyaki become more and more. Also, taiyaki is no long just a classic snack for Japanese, but also a popular dessert in worldwide. Countries like Korea and Taiwan started creating their own taiyaki, adding ice-cream as topping. I wish to try taiyaki too, because of ice-cream! I guess God heard me.  He made my dream came true. Danny and I were invited to review a taiyaki ice-cream stall – Tanoshii Dezato last Friday. To be honest, I never know there is a stall in Klang Valley which sells taiyaki ice-cream before this.

Tanoshii Dezato is a newly-opened dessert kiosk at Tropicana City Mall. It is located at lower ground, near to MBG fruit store.

FYI, most ingredients of Tanoshii Dezato uses, are imported from Japan, which include the main recipe to make taiyaki, fillings and ice-cream. These are all materials which retain the authenticity of their taiyaki. 

There are three signature taiyaki you are recommended to try. Or you can customise your own taiyaki. You can choose your own filling, ice-cream and fruit. If you don’t want to make it a “set”, you can choose to have taiyaki or ice-cream only too.  

Check out the menu below for the fillings and flavors:

Currently, the taiyaki is being baked upon order. Hence, customer may need to wait for an average of 8 minutes for their order. Paste is poured into the taiyaki mold and is baked for 5 minutes.

Then, remove the taiyaki from the mold to cool down and cut the edge, which takes about 2-3 minutes. After that, add the ice-cream, fruit and chocolate stick on the taiyaki.

Danny and I ordered two taiyaki of our own choice. Sin Yee’s taiyaki was filled with oreo crunch paste, topped with chocolate ice-cream and banana. The taiyaki was warm when serving. It was crunchy for the first few bites because it was freshly baked. The ice-cream was smooth; eating together with the taiyaki was perfecto! 

Meanwhile, Danny’s choice was custard taiyaki, with durian ice-cream and banana. We all know durian has a strong smell. Hence, to keep the taste, Tanoshii Dezato seals it when storing in the fridge. As a result, the ice-cream was slightly harder than the other ice-cream. I can smell the durian’s aroma when Danny was eating his taiyaki.

The price for every taiyaki ice-cream is same, which is RM12.80 each. I personally think this price is pretty standard. You may pay more for a waffle with ice-cream at cafe, don’t you? In addition, the ingredients Tanoshii Dezato use are directly from Japan. Therefore, the quality is definitely worth the price. 

Overall, Danny and I enjoyed our taiyaki treat at Tanoshii Dezato. Next time, I will consider trying the chocolate banana filling, I saw one of the customers ordered it when we were there. It looked so appealing! If you are a chocolate banana lover, don’t forget to pick that. BTW, a new outlet of Tanoshii Dezato will be opening soon at Da Men USJ in January 2016. If you are staying at Subang Jaya, do stay tuned on their Facebook page for the exact opening day. And of course, this mouth-watering delicacy will be opening more outlets in Klang Valley in future. At this moment, satisfy your cravings at Tropicana City Mall first!

Tanoshii Dezato
Address: LGK-11 (Lower Ground Floor), Tropicana City Mall, 
Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


  1. ooh, taiyaki ice is also trending over here in singapore. i can only say that it's a very instagram-worthy dessert. but in the taste aspect, it's pretty mediocre. it's really just taiyaki stuffed with ice cream….

  2. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with the cutest things. I am not an ice cream person ( surprise, surprise ) but I think I'd experiment on my Taiyaki. I'd love to try the Custard and Chocolate Banana Taiyaki.

  3. The Taiyaki is so adorable! I wouldn't mind eating just that without the ice cream but hey, who wouldn't want ice cream on anything, right? I really wish we had that here, though. 🙁

  4. Wow. I hadn't known about Taiyaki at all! Thanks for introducing it to me.
    All I could have it in here, if in waffle cone.
    Is the recipe of the Taiyaki itself different from regular pastry or is it same as waffles?


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