Escape from City: 3D2N in Koh Lipe

Living in the prosperous capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Danny and I love to escape from in during weekends. Last year, we have planned to make a visit at “Thailands Maldives” – Koh Lipe early this year. We were lucky to earn a zero point redemption of AirAsia air tickets for 2 from KL to Langkawi last year and we have finally visited this beautiful island in March this year. Here we have our 3D2N vacation.

Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is also known as the Maldives of Thailand. It is claimed to have crystal clear water and shiny white sand beach. Besides, it is one of the nearest island of Thailand to Malaysia; which only needs 2-hour ferry ride from Langkawi.
There are three beaches in Koh Lipe: the most popular Pattaya Beach, the most beautiful Sunrise Beach and the most natural Sunset Beach. As Pattaya Beach is the most popular, the jetty is set here. Further, there is Walking Street located at Pattaya Beach, where visitors can shop, eat and relax. However, almost all shops close at 12am. Hence, you may return to your temporary home and rest latest by 12am. Else, you may consider sitting on the beach and chit-chat with your travel companion. 
Walking till the end of the Walking Street, you will instantly feel the “zen” mode is on. Here is the moment which you find yourself at Sunrise Beach. It is totally different from Pattaya Beach. Everyone here is super relaxing, sitting on the beach. Some were doing nothing, but just laying on the beach; while some were playing on the beach bank. Not forget to mention, if you would like to catch the amazing sunrise scene, this is the beach you should go to in the early early morning.
Couldnt get up so early? You may consider to watch the sunset at Sunset Beach. We were told that Sunset Beach is the furthest beach. However, for us, it is near. Even though we were staying at Pattaya Beach, there is a shortcut at the back of our resort. 

Best Time to Visit

Peak season: November till end of April
Non-peak season: May till end of October
Koh Lipe opens 365 in a year. However, during non-peak season, most hotels and shops close. At the same time, ferry to Koh Lipe is also dramatically decreasing. If you wish to visit during non-peak season, do check in advance where you can take your ferry ride. 
Note: You may consider visitting Koh Lipe during May to avoid the crowd. Price is cheaper and all shops and hotels are still opening. On the other hand, December is claimed to be the most peak season among the other months. All accommodations are super costly!

How To Get There?

By ferry
The only way to go to Koh Lipe is by ferry. There are several jetties which provide ferry service; meanwhile, the nearest for Malaysian is from Langkawi. Hence, find your own way to reach Langkawi. As said, we were taking flight from KL.
You may depart from either Telaga Habour or Kuah Jetty in Langkawi. We recommend you to purchase your ferry tickets online to secure your ride.
1. Telaga Harbour >>
Alternatively, you may search “Langkawi Koh Lipe Ferry” to purchase your tickets online.
FYI, there are a lot of ferry providers at Kuah Jetty. If you didnt purchase ticket in advance, you may go there and ask the counter. We chose Tropical Charters because the price is cheaper than Telaga Harbour which TC is RM200 return ticket per person while TH is RM248 return ticket per person. 
The departure time for both ferry provider is same.
LKW – KLP: 9.30am & 2.30pm
KLP – LKW: 10.30am & 4.30pm
It takes 2-hour ride from Langkawi to Koh Lipe. You will need to undergo an interchange in order to reach Pattaya Beach by Thailands long-tailed boat. Hence, you are recommended to wear short and slipper for your convenience. We also recommend you to bring backpack instead of wheel luggage because the wheels might be spoiled by the sand.
Note: Thailand time is one hour behind Malaysia time. 
Do remember you are now in Thailand; hence, proceed to immigration is a must! DO NOT skip it before check-in at your hotel.

Transport On The Island

The only transport you can find in Koh Lipe is the three-wheeled motorcycle. You cant rent any of them, but it is the island taxi. If you are tired of walking, you may bump into it. Fee depends on your destination.

Currency & Spending

The currency is Thai Baht (THB). Basically, you will spend your money on food and drinks, snorkeling package and some souvenirs. Of course, you may do some shopping here too; however, it is limited. Unless you are going to buy tons of bikini here?!
Below are our spendings for your reference:
Air tickets, ferry tickets & accommodation = approx. RM515/pax
Food & drinks = approx. RM330/2 pax
Other expenses = approx. RM400/2 pax
Total: approx. RM880/pax

Telecommunication & Network

You may choose to use the expensive roaming service of your local telco. Else, you may purchase Thailand telco. According to friend, DTAC has fair coverage on the island; while TrueMove has totally zero coverage! Yet, the shop there is still selling TrueMove though. Do keep an eye on this when purchasing.
Nonetheless, we didnt purchase any. We only use public wifi at the hotel or restaurants we went. Since you are escaping from the busy life, and most of the time you will be having island hoping, why do you need a roaming/ purchase a sim card for this short getaway?

Food & Beverages

Some hotels provide breakfast. Else, you may easily find restaurants and hawker stalls at Walking Street. The food choice isnt only limited to Thai food, but also fast food, western food, dessert, etc. Just walk along the Walkig Street to discover yourself. Danny and I had seafood sensation as dinner, which included fish, veggie, tom yum kong and rice. It costed less than 1000THB.




There are countless hotels, resorts, homestay in Koh Lipe. The price range can start from hundreds till few thousands THB per night. Determine your own budget and find your own. FYI, most accommodations at Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach are more expensive than Pattaya Beach. However, they are less crowded and more relaxing. 
To be honest, choosing the accommodation is the most difficult part! We have filtered rounds and rounds and eventually chose Bella Vista Beach Resort at Pattaya Beach. It is slightly further, it requires a 10-minute walking distance from the jetty. Seriously, we are not kidding! Walking on the beach at 12 noon was so crazy! Imagine you are burning under the sun but you cant do anything but keep walking, especially when you have no idea when you will see your hotel because you have not seen it before. Anyway, the hotel is great.


Islang hoping for sure! You dont have to purchase any package in advance. You can easily find the shop which sells island hoping packages at Walking Street. There are 3 packages: Package A (550THB), Package B (650THB), Night Tour (800THB).
A lot is saying Package A is not worthy, who also recommends to take Package B. However, we personally compared the packages, we found that the only difference between these two packages is the monkey feeding tour in Package B which doesnt exist in Package A. Thus, we chose Package A. 


Note: Our snorkeling package included 4 times snorkeling experience and lunch with fruits. We departed from 10am and returned at 3pm.
Besides island hoping, the activities on the island include visit the Walking Street, watch sunrise and sunset on the beach.


1. Bring you sun protection care! 
2. Waterproof bag is a must!
3 You may bring your own snorkel set. Or you may rent/buy it there.
4. We spent 3 hours to walk across the entire Koh Lipe! (Clap for us please~) You may plan your walking tour. It is great experience~
5. There are a lot of stray dogs on the island. Dont be afraid of them. They are cute and friendly.
Overall, it was a wonderful escape for us. Even we visited Koh Lipe during peak season, we still find it is a peaceful and relaxing place to stay. Is it a fun place? Well, it depends. If you love partying at night, you will probably find this place boring; yet, if you need a rest from a busy life, Koh Lipe is near and good enough.
Meanwhile, ending this write-up with our vacation video. 


Camera: Fujifilm X-A2 & GoPro Hero 4 Black

Do leave your comment below or email/PM me if you have any question about travelling in Koh Lipe.



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