Review: Cyber C’kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water

Today I am going to share my review of Cyber C’kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water.
Remember I have introduced this cleansing water in the beginning of May?
If you have yet read that, check it here..

Sorry that I only shared my review now.
Because I seldom wear makeup, will do only for dating at some special place.
No point I post my daily sunblock remove photo.
So here we go.
Before showing you the result of the remover,
let’s see my makeup look.
If you read my review on Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner,
you will definitely saw this selfie.
Yeah, that is the day I wore makeup recently.
I think this shall considered as full makeup since I applied makeup base, concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, blush and lip gloss.
It is  powerful enough to test on Cyber C’kin cleansing water.

Although it stated as all-in-1 cleansing water,
but it did not remove the eye makeup perfectly.
Thus, I used L’Oréal eye and lip makeup remover for the eye and lips part first.
Here we go, the result of using Cyber C’kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water.

From the left top to the right bottom.
The first to the last
I used 5 cottons to completely remove my makeup.
You can see the 4th and 5th cottons are almost the same.
Used the 5th one because I want to make sure my face is really “clean”.

After using this cleansing water, I feel my skin is refreshing.
And as said previously, I didn’t feel my face is dry and stretched.
Overall, I think Cyber C’kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water is quite good,
yet, it is doubtful that it can’t remove eye makeup effectively since it stated as “all-in-1”.
I think it is okay for me to remove sunblock daily,
however, I still doubt whether it can remove heavy makeup better than the other cleansing oil which is also by Cyber Color.


  1. Well reviewed.. Even i have difficulty in using over-all cleansers in removing stubborn eye makeup. I use coconut oil for removing the eye-makeup. It ensures i have lush lashes and brows… As u said for cleansing the face i guess this one is good.. giglove

  2. I also always want to have my skin super clean! 😀
    Nice post ! ^^
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  3. so it doesn’t remove eye make up very well? or is it because it stings the eyes? I’m using orbis cleansing liquid and they remove my waterproof mascara easily. just that i have to rub very delicately just in case a teeny weeny bit goes into my eye and i’ll feel like i’m going blind.

  4. Great review! I am intrigued. Even if it doesn’t remove the makeup thoroughly. I presume it is gentle for the skin since it is a cleansing water. If this product is available in my country, i’d try it. 🙂

  5. hehehe you makeup look so natural…im using pure vivi water remover and they can remove eye makeup but not as effective as those eye makeup remover with oil content…and if you want to save your cotton you can divide them to two part left for left face then right for right face…..and then use the back!!

  6. If it took five pieces of cotton to just remove sun block, I wonder how much of it will be required to remove make up. Seems like an average product to me. GIG love 🙂

  7. I’m intrigued to try this as I’ve not heard about cleansing water before. It looks so simple and easy to use, it would be great for camping!

  8. I like cleansing waters a lot but I’ve never tried this one from Cybe Ckin (because it’s not available here, I think). Great review! <3 GIGLove


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