Photobook by Photobookmart

Unlike the old time, we are extremely easy to have access on camera.
Put aside the professional one, 
we have our smartphone or even a modern mobile phone has a built-in camera.
We make photographs anytime anywhere.
For me, it has been more than 3 years I have not print photos.
I saved all in my hard disk.
And recently, I was graduated from my degree! (You will know if you read my previous post)
My mum was asking me to print some photographs out for showing them to my grandma and other relatives.
Therefore, I decided to make an album to keep this awesome moment.

So, this is how my photobook is.
After deciding to make a photobook, I have searched through few deal sites to purchase voucher.
Danny was a supervisor in a photo store before, 
so, he recommended me few sizes and type of photobook to me.
In the end, I bought the deal of Photobookmart in LivingSocial.
40-Pages Debossed Hardcover Medium Landscape (11″ x 8.5″) — This is my choice of photobook.
With limited offfer, I bought it at RM45.

Now, I am going to share my experience with you.
Before buying, I have called Photobookmart careline to clarify some differences between the albums.
Basically, I am not really happy with their service.
The lady who answered me sounded like was asking stupid question.
If I know the difference, do I need to call and ask? No, for sure!  
Well, I just left this conversation. 
I still purchased what I wanted to and proceed to make my photobook.

After purchase, to make the photobook,
Photobookmart provides their own software for customers to design their own album.
I won’t say the software is very user-friendly, 
but as long as the user follows the guide, it works well.
They have updates on the software in between.
Basically, the software does not occur big problem.
It would be better if they can provide more templates in future.  

This is image from Google, I have uninstalled the software after completing the album
So excited I have finally completed the album.
Credited to my dearest, he was the one who helped to design the album!
Upon completion, what I need to do is send the file to Photobookmart online through their software.
So, it is very convenient.
I chose to do self-collection since the shop is at Kuchai Lama.
Else, I would need to pay a delivery fee RM10 for WM while RM20 for EM.
Personally think it is very expensive, especially for EM.
FYI, I have delivered my photobook back to Sabah by poslaju myself,
and it only costs me not RM9.30 for the postage; I am sure WM will be even cheaper.
So, I don’t think Photobookmart is charging reasonable delivery fee.
The messages above stated turnaround time is within 7-10 working days, 
but guess what, I only received status update around 14 working days.
Everyday I checked the status in their website, it showed the same.. “To be updated”
I think your customers prefer you to come out with estimated completion date,
so that they don’t need to check daily but still the same message.

So, after dragging me for 3 weeks, 
finally I have received my photobook!
I am excited to have it, but I somehow disappointed with the quality.
Same as my dear and also my friend who have saw the photobook,
they think the printing quality should be better.

Not sure you can see it clearly or not.
The photo is so high in noise.
We were using DSLR to make this photograph,
we don’t think it is due to its original quality.
Not sure is it because of the format of the sent file caused this issue.
Let have another close up of the noise.
This is not my camera problem, okay?
You can go to Galerie for the original photographs.

Except the printing quality, I am still satisfied with the photobook.
The debossed hardcover is nice.
And the binding is very good too.

Overall, I guess you can sense that I am not really satisfied with this deal.
Yes, I am not. 
This is my first photobook, I expect it is better than this.
Somemore, I have a sample from Danny’s previous company,
I thought this will be similar to that,
however, it doesn’t.
I personally think it is not worth for RM45 with this quality.
Will I buy this kind of deal again?
My answer will be only if I have seen the sample.
I don’t want to have another disappointment again.
Anyway, I have sent it back to my parents,
hope they will love that photobook.

I know this post is longer than the other I shared, 
I am glad you read till the end.
Hope my sharing will help when you are deciding to buy a photobook deal online.



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