Delete My Love

Have you ever thought of delete someone that you don’t like?
How wonderful is your world without these annoying people?
Brought to you, Delete My Love.
Starring by Wong Cho Lam, Ivana Wong, Michael Hui, Yuen Qiu;
A Cantonese comedy that achieve your dream.
Perhaps, you could find your answers in this movies.

Wing (Wong Cho-Lam) considers himself being underappreciated as his colleagues often steal his ideas, bringing his career to a dead end. Despite all the negativity, Wing has a gentle and virtuous childhood sweetheart, Bobo, who is always there for him .
Wing receives a weird text message one day, saying: Ever thought of deleting those you dislike? Forward this message to a friend. Wish your wish comes true! How would Wing use this incredible superpower to change his life? Will Wing live a perfect life happily ever after?

Watched this movies with my dear few weeks back @ TGV, Setiawalk.
It is really funny!
We laughed all the way from beginning to the ending.

We, as a human being,
our life always has unexpected problems happened;
or there will be dissatisfaction in different areas.
Perhaps, you might want to delete these negative issues.
Sometimes, I will think why don’t we are capable to select only keeping the good but not the bad.
And then, my life will be as great as I wanted to be. =D

Through this movie, 
it did cause me to re-think.
Do I really want to delete them?
Can I expect what I think is wonderful will really that wonderful as I want?

People always magnify the bad things in life, 
and forgot the good things that happened.
So, when bad thing happens,
we blame “why is me again!”
But, have you ever thought of appreciating what you have?

Most of the time, 
we regret of doing/not doing something only after it has gone.
But, when it exists, we never think of its importance.
Delete the one you not satisfied?
But, will you miss him/her when he/she is no longer here?
When everything in life seems perfect, 
it is really amazing or it is actually bad~~
I found mine in this movies, 
hope you found yours. 
Enjoy movie time… 😉

Ratings: 4/5


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