Menstrual Pain? Neck Pain? Back Pain? Let’s Heat Therapy Helps You!


How I wish I won’t suffer from menstrual pain and even back pain during my period. For those who have the same pain, you will know how uncomfortable it is. Remember two weeks ago, my friends and I talked about it, and the following day, my period came. Oh gosh! Here the painful journey started. Normally, I will only suffer from back pain during my period. However, this round, my abdomen is pain too. I am lucky that I work from home. I can just lay on my bed to work. However, I really feel tired and pain all the time. Thanks for Pslove! I feel relieved after trying out their heat patches.

Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve pains. With the advance technology, heat therapy becomes handy and everyone can have it easily by using Pslove’s heat patches. It was claimed that each patch can last for 12 hours. Meanwhile, you can instantly feel better after using the patch. There is no any skill needed to heat up the patches. Once you take it out from the packaging, and it exposed to the air, it will heat up itself. As such, the patch is only for single use. You can’t keep for the next day.




MenstruHeat is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit and optimum level of heat to relax the cramping muscles. 

When you want to use MenstruHeat, tear off the packet. There are three ways to attach the MenstruHeat. User can directly stick the patches on abdomen, or you can stick it on top of underwear; alternatively, stick it underside of clothes.  As our abdomen skin is a little sensitive, it is not recommended to stick directly on abdomen. I tried, initially it was okay; after some time, it seemed too hot already.







BackHeat is designed to bend to fit contours of your back, with extended heat distribution across its wings to maximize your comfort and relief.


Again, simple tear off the packaging and apply it. This is the best back patch I have ever used! I can instantly feel better after putting BackHeat on my back. Since it can be attached up to 12 hours, I was using it when sleeping. Guess what? I feel much comfortable and sleep better! FYI, I can’t sleep well because of back pain during my period. But BackHeat “cure” me~ Of course, this is not only for lady who is on period, but anyone else who suffers from back pain. If you are suffering from back pain, you definitely want to check this out!






NeckHeat is designed to be “split-able” so that user can use it exactly where you need it most.

People, especially those who 9 to 5 sitting in the office easily get neck pain. If you are one of them, you probably finding a better way to relieve your pain. NeckHeat is recommended because of its warm temperature which is really comfortable. You can split and attach on the part you feel pain easily. Nonetheless, I find it difficult to stick on my neck because it peel off when I sweat. The NeckHeat produces much heat, hence, when you move around and sweat, it can’t stick on the particular part.



All in all, the heat therapy does help a lot to relieve pain. I personally love the BackHeat the most! I recommend you to try out these patches. For girls who suffer from menstrual pain, let’s give it a try. You will feel much better, I swear!

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