Up Up!! Hot Air Balloons Up to The Sky!

The 6th International Hot Air Balloons Fiesta was held from 27 – 30th March 2014.
This is the first time Danny and I went to the fiesta and watch hot air balloons!
It is a wonderful experience!
Seriously, we couldn’t forget the excitement when we were there.
Even we have only taken 5 hours sleep the previous day. =)

We went to the last day of the fiesta,
it was the final round of hot air balloons competition.
And the session we went was the morning, 7am.
Venue was Presint 2, Putrajaya.


Okay, we admitted that we have gone to the wrong road when trying to get there.
Putrajaya is so big, and we went there by GPS.
God blessed us, we reached there just the right time!
The balloonists were filling their hot air balloons.
The area was so crowded!
We knew, everyone is same like us,
waiting to watch this great moment!

Some balloonists are so creative,
they made their air balloons which are unlike the traditional type.
Before attending the fiesta, we knew there is a Darth Vader hot air balloons.
But there was another one that amazed us.
The balloonist made a motorcyclist hot air balloon!

The hot air balloons flew up to the sky one by one.
It was really exciting to watch that.
The emcee was trying to boost the atmosphere around.
Some visitors were dancing at the roadside.
Everyone was enjoying the show.
About 9am, all the hot air balloons were already taking their flight on the sky.
And heading to the landing area.

After that, we walked around and saw people were queuing for free hot air balloons ride.
But, unlike the hot air balloons flying show just now,
these free ride hot air balloons were only flying up to a certain height.
They were tied to avoid flying away from the ride area.
Since there were so many people,
we did not go for that.
There were many booths selling drinks and food.
Then we saw the helicopter ride area too.
The event was yet to start, so there was no people around,
only crews were doing their preparation there.

About 10am, we left the fiesta.
And went to have our breakfast.
My friend who still stayed there told us, one of the hot air balloons was caught on fire!
It was from Korea.
Luckily, no one got injured.

Click here for the news.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Please give a round of applause to all the balloonists!
All of them are amazing!
Without their participation, the fiesta may not be held successfully.
Although there was undesired matter happened,
the fiesta was full of joys~~~

Now, the fiesta has come to an end.
We are looking for the next year fiesta.
We will definitely pay for a visit again.

For more photographs, click here

**If you would like to look for more details of this fiesta,
here are the official page and FB Fanpage.
For Instagram, you may search “myballoonfiesta”.**


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