Mango + Nutella? It’s Caffe Bene Mangotella Seasonal Menu!


Have you ever thought of how does it taste like when mango mix with Nutella? Well, you don’t have to mix them yourself~ Let’s check out Caffe Bene Seasonal Menue – #Mangotella….

Mangotella is the dream combination of Mango & Nutella. This is the latest seasonal series brought to you by Caffe Bene. There are 4 seasonal items – 2 types of bingsu, 1 waffle and 1 milkshake. Without further ado, let’s check out all the items one by one~

Mangotella Bingsu @ RM29.90


Icy cold Bingsu with Nutella, mixed nuts and cookies crumbles, along with the new Nutella-flavored gelato, and fresh mango cubes. Both the mango and Nutella flavors are surprisingly match with one another. However, if you are craving for a very strong taste of Nutella (for whom like to scoop and eat pure Nutella directly), this bingsu might not meet your expectation.

Mango Yogurt Bingsu @ RM29.90

If you are not so into Nutella, Caffe Bene has also come out with Mango Yogurt Bingsu. This Bingsu is much fresher in taste. Juicy mango cube with cold yogurt gelato is perfect during hot and sunny day~

Mangotella Smoothie @ RM11.90

Need a smoothie on the go? Then Mangotella Smoothie is your choice. Remember stir before drink so you can drink both mango and Nutella together.

Mangotella Waffle @ RM17.90

I personally love the Belgium waffle of Caffe Bene much! Hence, this Mangotella Waffle is absolutely my favorite among all. The waffle is topped with yogurt gelato and mango cube. Not forget to mention, it is drizzled with Nutella sauce. What a sinfully delicious dessert is this!

The Mangotella seasonal menu is available nationwide, until end of June only! Let’s try them all in the nearest branch now~ Mango + Nutella? It’s Mangotella…

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