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It has been a month since I return from my Cambodia trip. It is a fruitful and memorable trip. I will talk about it very soon. If you can read Chinese, do check out the itinerary in Back to this post… For those who are following me on Instagram (@sinyees), you know I kept sharing my update on the go. I used to purchase local sim when I visit a country. However, this round I have chosen pocket wifi because a lot of friends do recommend, and I am not familiar with Cambodia’s telco. So, without having headache on researching the telco review, pocket wifi is my choice. And I chose iVideo, a pocket wifi company in Taiwan.

Wait…. Taiwan? Why not Malaysia? Well, everything is about the cost. iVideo offers the cheaper Cambodia pocket wifi package compared to others. Meanwhile, there is delivery service. I can book and wait it to arrive my doorstep. Apart from Cambodia pocket wifi rental, iVideo offers packages for a lot of countries too. You may check it out at For those who are travelling to Taiwan or Japan, you can choose to pick up the wifi device at counters. Full list is on their website. You can check it out.

The delivery from Taiwan to Malaysia took about 2 working days. A set of pocket wifi includes case, pocket wifi device, USB cable and charger. There is also a user guide, as well as a troubleshooting sheet for reference. I would suggest to read and test the device first before you depart to your destination. This is to make sure you know how to use the device. At least you can contact iVideo easier when you are still in your own country. If you are abroad and you found your device isn’t working at all, how are you going to contact them without wifi connection (which is why you want a pocket wifi, isn’t it?)



FYI, iVideo is using Metfone telco in Cambodia. User can connect up to 10 electronic devices at the same time. We are allowed to use 400mb data limit everyday. Does it enough? For us, it is pretty enough because we only upload photos and search some info online when necessary. If you are planning to drive yourself there or you love streaming videos, then you may consider renting 2 pocket wifi. Understand that some countries have unlimited data usage. However, I have gone through few pocket wifi companies and found that all of them offer 400mb – 500mb per day for Cambodia plan. Hence, I guess it is because of the country, instead of the pocket wifi company.

BTW, the wifi speed is 3G. It is pretty fast. And seriously, pocket wifi is quite convenient; especially if you have few electronic devices. As said, I used to buy local sim card. If I want to share my data, I must use personal hotspot to connect. It causes my phone battery running out fast. With pocket wifi, I don’t have to do so, but can have all the devices connected. Overall, my first pocket wifi experience is great. Now I know why my friends strongly recommend to use pocket wifi. If you are travelling with few people, just share the rental fee together, you can get a cheaper wifi!

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