Review: KAINDA Sensuous Body Wash


When choosing a body wash for myself, I will prefer it come in moisturising effect. This is because my skin is dry since I normally work under an air-conditioned room. Recently, I was being introduced to try Kainda Sensous Body Wash. Here I am to share you my review.


Kainda is an Australian owned brand. More than just products, Kainda is a philosophy for a culture infused living. The brand is fuelled by the passion for travel, art and design. A lifestyle that is original, stands out, and embraces natural beauty, Kainda envisioned everyone’s homes to be vibrant and full of life. 

FYI, all Kainda products are sourced from the European & Australian environment. Kainda products harness premium quality and natural ingredients, extracts, vitamins and essential oils, mindfully selected to sustain our earth’s resources, choosing to use natural & organic ingredients to enhance our lives. 

Kainda Sensuous Body Wash

Kainda Sensuous Body wash is a body wash that restores skin barriers and enhances skin cells. It comes in two flavours – Hashiki and Jasiri. Hashiki is a citrusy bouquet comprising bergamot, orange and fresh herbs that radiates from a floral heart of rose, orange blossom and lily of the valley. Held by a musky yet sweet base of cedarwood and vanilla, it is invigorating and delightfully captivating. Meanwhile, Jasiri is a fruity aroma that is derived from apricot, peach and green leaf, with a floral hear of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley and a musky base note of cedarwood. This wonderful fragrance will invigorate and stimulate clarity of mind. 

I have tried Hashiki flavor. It is naturally scented body wash with rose in the first place, following by the mild fragrance of orange. Before I used it, I thought this body wash is in milky kind of color. Surprisingly, it is clear and it is a body shower gel. In case you couldn’t see the gel, I have made an arrow pointing to it. 

It was claimed as an easy-to-rinse, bubbly body wash. I agree on the easy-to-rinse claim, but not the bubbly. Because I have tried to foam it with water, but it wasn’t a lot. Hence, when applying on skin, it was like sticky and oily. Still, when rinsing with water, it is quite easy.

I felt my skin is soft and smooth after shower with Kainda Sensuous Body Wash. It indeed helps to hydrate my skin in a gentle way. 

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