WaKase Knit Series: Classic ft. Stylish


If you are a friend of mine for at least 3 years and above, you will realise me changing my phone casing like me wearing different clothes everyday. I love casing with “diamond”, shiny and cute kind of casing. I even bought the DIY pack to make my own casing! However, when people grow, you tend to maintain everything as simple as it can. Now, I probably using the same casing for years, until I change a new phone. Hence, choosing a high-quality and durable casing is definitely important!

FYI, I am currently using iPhone 6s plus, it is my last year birthday gift from my dearest. Well, apparently it is an expensive phone. And I want it to stay as long as it can, at least 2 to 3 years, or longer? In order to do this, I must take care of it like it is my baby. Thanks to WaKase, I finally found the classic, yet elegant and stylish protective phone case for my phone. 

WaKase is a brand which founded by a group of fashion lovers and industrial designers, dedicated to provide the best mobile accessory for contemporary life. WaKase’s products are manufactured in Foxconn, the certified supplier of Apple. Therefore, it is not surprised to know that WaKase’s case is a brand for just for iPhone. 

WaKase categorizes their case in few series: Braids, Nest, Crystalline with Glitters, and Knit. 

The one I am using right now is WaKase Knit. A classic, crystal red and clear phone casing; at the same time, it is sparkling and stylish. The design was inspired by iconic interecciato weave. It is slim, which you won’t feel the big difference on phone thickness between phone with and without casing. Besides, this case is constructed from shock absorbent and it is claimed as anti-scratch phone casing. Well, I didn’t purposely drop my phone or scratch the casing to test its durability; however, so far, the casing is still good. So do my phone. 

I am a person with sweaty palms. Hence, a easy-to-wash case is also one of my concern when choosing the right phone casing. WaKase Knit series is made by high quality TPU, it is soft and flexible. Since it is a plastic material, the dirt can be cleaned easily with water. 

Overall, WaKase is highly recommended. Currently, their online store in under construction. Meanwhile, you can purchase their cases from Amazon >> 

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