What Cosmetics Should You Pack for Vacation? All You Need Is Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box!


Are you going for vacation soon? I assume that will be a “Yes” since you are reading this “Whats Cosmestics Should You Pack for Vacation” blog post. Because you are going to travel, you want to bring everything as light as possible. And you probably do not have that much time to do your makeup. So yeah, what are those essential cosmetics you should bring? Well, I am telling you, just do not headache on picking few from your current cosmetic range, because I have a better option for you – Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box.

althea wanderlust beauty box

Oh wait!? You have not heard of Althea? Okay~~ Let me give you a brief. Althea is a Korean beauty online shop where you can find more than 150 K-beauty brands! You can check out all the blog posts I have done about Althea here.

And also, Althea will come out with different beauty boxes every month which they mix and match the products in a theme, such as hydrating series, makeup serious, matte looking, etc. One of the latest beauty boxes Althea has come out with, is the one I am going to introduce, Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box, which is definitely for the wanderlust like you and me!

althea wanderlust beauty box

Have a better insight about Althea now? Without further ado, let’s see what are the items in this Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box:

#1 Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy’s Carrier

A carrier just like the one you carry your clothes, but it is in mini size which carries 5 types of miniature Peripera products. This compact carrier consists of ink concealer/highlighter, multi-purpose eyeshadow/shading and 3 differents types of lip products. Besides, it also comes with stickers that you can use to decorate your carrier~

Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier


I have to admit! I want this Wanderlust Beauty Box because of this mini carrier! It is so cute and convenient. Meanwhile, I have been using Peripera lip tint for couple of years already. So, I would definitely want to try the other products they have. A miniature size is perfect so you wouldn’t waste money to buy a full-sized one just for the sake of testing if it suits you.

Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier

Just like the original size, every ink has their own pointer. You can directly apply the color on your face and lips.

Peripera Mini-Mini Peppy's Carrier

  1. Vivid Tint Water is watery. Apply and blend evenly on your lips. Long lasting and give you a naked natural look.
  2. Ink Velvet is for whom loves sexy big red lip! Personally, I think this is more suitable for night bold look.
  3. Ink Airy Velvet has a little matte looking. It is a softer red so your lip won’t look so stand out from your overall makeup.

Meanwhile, I would suggest to use a small brush to apply the highlighter and shading. This is because it is cream type. You might apply too much if you have not used it before.

#2 Heynature Dual Eyeshadow

With just one swipe, Heynature Dual Eyeshadow helps to create a natural and perfectly paired color gradation. Supposedly, there are 4 types of combination; however, Wanderlust Beauty Box only offers either one of 2 types – Champagne Coral or Daily Cinnamon. The one I got is Champagne Coral.

Heynature Dual Eyeshadow

Oh ya~~ It comes with a sponge blender at the other end too.


Seriously, I don’t really know how to match the color of eyeshadows. This dual eyeshadow solves my problem. Moreover, you do not have much time to think what colors you want to put on your eyes during vacation. So, this is convenient and easy to use!

Just swipe, a little blending and ready to go.

#3 COC Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

A gel eyeliner pencil saves your time to define your eyes during vacation. It is easy to use, waterproof and doesn’t smudge easily.


As a gel eyeliner user all the time, I don’t really need a reason convincing myself to use Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner when going for holiday! Normally, I would have to bring along the gel eyeliner in a case and an eyeliner brush. With this pencil-looking gel eyeliner, I can simply keep it in any bag pocket. When need it, just take it out to use! I find it is so easy to apply and create the curve I want.

And yes, no smudge! Photo below was taken after 6 hours…

#4 Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lash

This is NOT a mascara! Instead, it is a mascara fixer! It helps to create more long-lasting lashes and lengthen them so your eyes look more beautiful. Absolutely perfect for a wanderlust because it make your lashes up all day long~

Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lash


Honestly speaking, I rarely apply mascara unless I want to have bold looking (which normally would be for night). If you are the one who think you can’t survive without applying mascara, I am sure you would love to try out the fixer since it can make your lashes stay longer than usual.

One thing I love about this fixer is the super long lash effect. For person like me whose eyelashes are so “limited edition”, this is gonna to help! You don’t have to wear your fake lashes because this could provide natural and long lashes~ The difference is huge!

#5 Aqutop Watercolor Blusher

The classic blusher fade easily? Feel lazy to keep checking if it is still on your face during vacation. Well, let’s try the Aqutop Watercolor Blusher! Simply pop it on your cheek, blend it and you are good to go. You can also apply it on your lips or eyes too.

Aqutop Watercolor Blusher


As said, I am using Peripera Lip Tint. I also use it as my blusher. Hence, watercolor blusher isn’t something new for me. It looks like a nail polish but it is actually more watery. And also, it is not sticky at all.

The Aqutop Watercolo Blusher in the beauty box is the “Soft Pink”. Yeah~ First impression is this looks pink! I wonder if there will be two peaches on my cheek after applying. If you have that thought too, don’t worry.. I have tried it for you~ It is quite natural after evenly patting the liquid on the cheek area.

Of course, don’t brush it directly on your cheek. Lightly pop 2-3 dots on your cheek is more than enough. If you prefer brighter color, apply more than.

Ovearall Verdict:

This is really a great beauty box for whom is going to travel. You can get what you need in just one box. All are long lasting, waterproof, smudge free, lightweighed. Check out the before and after makeup.

However, I think it still missed out 2 important items which are foundation and eyebrow makeup tools. You can simply grab your favourite BB Cream or CC Cream. If you have done eyebrow embiodry or eyebrow tattoo, basically you don’t really need anything else for the brows. So yeah, just grab this Wanderlust Beauty Box on Althea! It is priced at RM114. Or, if you would like to try only one of the products above, Althea does sell them individually. You can just search them yourself.

I seriously in love with all the products in this Wanderlust Beauty Box. They help to put magic on my face~ For sure, I will bring them along in my next travel which will be next week! Meanwhile, ending this post with my selfie because I am so in love with my look.. Hope you enjoy the Wanderlust Beauty Box as well.

Direct link for Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box: https://goo.gl/iQwrxC

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