Redang Beach @ Sekinchan

How is your first week of 2015?
To be honest, I am still excited with the brand new year.
Especially when reviewing my day trip at Redang Beach Sekinchan.
For Malaysian, I am sure you know our beautiful Redang Island, off the state of Terengganu. So, why am I saying Redang Beach is at Sekinchan? When I first came across this, I was thinking the same. However, after doing some research, I realized Sekinchan does have a beach called “Pantai Redang”. And also, if you are a Hong Kong TVB drama fan, this beach isn’t strange for you. Remember the drama “Outbound Love” (Chinese: 单恋双城)? Redang Beach is the one of their shooting places.
Unlike many beaches, there are a lot of food stalls here. Sometimes, people come here because of the food, instead of the beach view. So, do not surprise if you see crowd at Redang Beach.
The first thing that caught my sight when me and Danny reached Redang Beach was the Wish Tree, with more than billions red ribbon on it. Visitor can take the red ribbon at the Chinese Temple besides the Wish Tree, write their wishes on the ribbon, then throw the ribbon onto the tree.
There is a fishermen village beside Redang Beach. Danny and I have stopped by there for a while. Looking at the boats align with one another. Seriously, we always find fishermen village is attractive!
And the last thing we did was watching the sunset. Although the weather wasn’t that good, we still managed to capture some scenes. 
Overall, Redang Beach has a lot of places to hang out. If you planned to go for a walk at Sekinchan, don’t forget to go Redang Beach. There are many food to eat, and beautiful sea view which you can take a lot of photos. 


  1. lol i also thought why sekinchan and redang beach link together! both are so far apart! thanks for the intro! hope i could go someday! =D
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  2. Nice pics! Love the tree angle <3
    Ah and it reminds me of Bali ^^
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  3. What lovely photos, especially the first one is so sweet! x
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  4. hmm pardon my ignorance but, where is sekinchan? i’ve never heard of this state in malaysia before! oops!
    anyway the beach looks fun! will be a great place for a half day trip, i guess.

    • It is a town at selangor. You may search for sekinchan in my blog, you can see posts of paddy field. If you can visit there at the paddy growing up season, you can see a wonderful view there. =)

  5. Lovely pictures !! Glad that you had a lot of fun. I’ll surely include this place in my bucket list 🙂
    GIG Love
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  6. Loving your pictures. It definitely looks like you had tons of fun 🙂
    gig xoxo
    Andréa Christine
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  7. Took me forever to reply to the Gig thread and now I’m replying to this with true-blue hindsight.
    The first week of 2015 wasn’t the best. It was pretty difficult actually. And to date, I’m still picking up the pieces…
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