Godzilla (2014)

Thanks ChurpChurp for the premiere screening of Godzilla in Imax 3D!
My thought of Imax 3D: It’s the most 3D I watched ever!!!
Who has yet to watch movie in Imax 3D?
You should have a try at least once in your life! =)
In Summer 2014, the world’s most revered monster is reborn as Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures unleash the epic action adventure “Godzilla.”  From visionary new director Gareth Edwards (“Monsters”) comes a powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless.

Honestly, this is my first time watching Godzilla,
so, if you ask me am I a fan of Godzilla?
Nope, definitely no.I only remember how people say about the Godzilla 1998;
Thus, I portray this giant monster, Godzilla is a destructive species.
Since I don’t want to be the spoiler, 
I will not talk about the storyline.

Let’s talk about the appearance of this giant creature.
Apparently, Godzilla has the best appearance in this new movies.
With the advance technology, 
unlike those in the past, it look more vivid and real.

Need not to say,
the left side is the 2014 version while the right one (I am not sure) is the older version.
The graphic now is very much better.
Audience can see more details on Godzilla’s appearance.
The recent Godzilla is more magnificent.
Apart from that, another plot that impressed me is the braveness of army.
It portrayed the reality how army protect the nation with their lives.
I remembered the dialogue, “There is no guarantee of return.”
They all understand that, but, they are willing to devote themselves for the battle.
Jumping down from the sky to the devastated city,
doesn’t know what is the danger is waiting for them.
They might die in no where, anytime.
The other element which enhance the breathtaking scene is the sound effect!
Imagine Godzilla without the roar of this giant monster?
Will you be thrilled?
Of course not.
I love the roar of Godzilla,
it sound like he was shouting for his won in battle!
To certain extent, I am excited to hear Godzilla’s roar? 0.0

Overall, Godzilla is the best movie I have watched in this year.
You couldn’t miss the to watch it on big screen.
I will recommend you to go for 3D,
it will no fail you on visual stimulation.

Godzilla 2014, Savior or Destructor of City?
Find the answer yourself in the show.
Enjoy your movie,
remember to bring in popcorn. =D

Rating: 4.5/5


  1. I could imagine how great this kind of movie to be viewed on 3D. I am really not fond of sci-fi movies but this could be an interesting movie to watch before the summer ends.

  2. I really envy those people who had the chance to watch Godzilla. I really want to watch this movie. It is must be fun to see it on 3D. Yay!

  3. Yikes! Those close up shots were very creepy and scary. I know it’s going to be a big hit because tons of people have heard of Godzilla but never saw it. Good job on the review.


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