Paddy Field @ Sekinchan 1: Growing Up

This should be up one month ago. 
Danny and I went to paddy field at Sekinchan on 13 April.
But we were busy with other things recently,
so he only managed to edit all these raw files few days back. 
**I’m still new in PS, couldn’t do it like a pro =( **
See the tiny one in the photograph?
That’s me!
FYI, almost all the photographs are in HDR.
Because we were not as lucky as previous time,
that day was extremely cloudy.
Still, we should appreciate it wasn’t a rainy day. =\
ORIGINAL selfie of us..
We were wearing Superman t-shirt! =D
See the sky behind us?
Apparently the rain is coming…

Actually this was my second time coming to this paddy field.
But, the first time I saw this lovely nature.
The first time we went at the wrong time.
Stupid us forgot to check the schedule,
and we went earning nothing.
Maybe we earned the chance to see the cleaning up session…
They burned the fields and smoke above the sky.
That darkness isn’t cloudy but is caused of the smoke. =(
Back to the main, 
let’s see some photographs of this lovely scene.

Some of the paddy are turning yellow!
Personally love the photo below very very much. =)
Taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note 3;
edited by Pixlr Express, an apps which is more powerful than PS phone version. =D
It has been long time I didn’t stay in a kampung-liked houses.
I somewhat missing that feeling.
I remember I always played with my cousins at my grandparents’ house in childhood.
Childhood is always the best. 
In this modern decade, 
it is rarely to see this kind of bird house.
But, there are few around the paddy field here. =)
Danny and I enjoyed our Saturday @ Sekinchan.
It doesn’t need to spend lots of money to let us relax.
Take a breath,
listen to the sound of nature.
It is exciting too. 😉
Before I end, 
just let me share some selfies and photographs by me. =D
For more photographs, visit DS Photography..
Sekinchan Paddy Plantation Schedule


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