Unboxing: Mary Kay Starter Kit 2014

Good day people! 
Hope you have a great weekend~ =D
This time, I want to share my experience with Mary Kay.
I bet many of you know MK is an international cosmetic direct sales company.
So, I now going to introduce again what is MK.
Let’s straight to the point then.
Last month, I shared my personal grooming workshop by MK.
So, I kept in touch with the speaker that night, Ms. Dolly to learn about makeup.
And I eventually decided to join her in MK.

At first, I talked to Ms. Dolly that I would like to take part-time bridal makeup course.
I asked her to recommend me on the academy.
I have asked few academy, and it min. costed RM4000 per course.
And it requires two persons for part-time class.
For me, it is difficult to find a friend taking classes together.
However, MK provided free makeup classes at night for FREE.
Other than that, I want to learn about skin care,
so that I can understand more on taking care of my own skin.
The third reason that urge me to join is its starter kit,
which I would like to share in this session.

I only need to pay RM195 for lifetime membership,
receive a starter kit,
receive discount when purchasing products
attend any class offered,
learn about skin care;
and eventually achieve my ambition — freelance makeup artist;
start selling their products (if I want to, no forcing like some DS out there..).

The bags in the photo above are the bag I received after joining MK membership.
It’s big!
And it’s useful for a makeup artist.
Or I can use it as a short travel bag. XD

I joined the membership on Wednesday,
and this kit arrived on Friday!
WOW! Courier service super duper fast~~ 

The parcel was delivered to my office,
It is big huh?!
My colleagues were surprised when they saw this box. @@
So do I, it seem I bought hundreds of things.
I hold my curiosity until back home.
Ha! Let’s undress it; erm, I mean unbox. =p
I only saw one bag inside the box;
but it’s really heavy (4.74kg)..
When I opened up,
OMG! It is full of stuffs.
MK isn’t the first direct selling brand I bought,
but, it really surprised me with its starter kit.
I split it into two parts.
Let’s see.
Part 1
All these are documents, papers, folders disc;
which is for business purpose.
But I am not intended to sell products,
so, it doesn’t seem useful to me. =\
Anyway, it really impressed me.
For a business starter kit,
I can’t stop myself to praise MK with its way to help its consultant to build their business.
Basically, if you got this starter kit,
as long as you figure out all the items you have,
you can straight starting to do business already!!!! o.o
Part 2
Ha! I bet this is the most attractive part!
Here are those skincare and cosmetics I have gotten in the starter kit.
The products here worth more than RM195!
What can I ask for more?
Cleanser, foundation, moisturizer, lipstick, mask etc.
After trying those products, I will definitely share my experience.
And giveaway is coming soon!!! =D

Overall, I am satisfied with MK service.
Although it is not the first time I heard about MK,
it really impressed me with their services.
Till then. =)

Item listing please see below:-
Part 1

  • Personal Beauty Profile x20 sheets
  • Starter Kit A4 Folder pack with Info CD x1
  • Recruitment Brochure x1
  • Price List x1
  • Look Book x 3
  • Color Book x 1
  • Product Guide x 3
  • Skin Quiz x10 sheets
  • Flip Chart x1
Part 2

  • Disposable Facial Cloth x30 sheets
  • TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser 127g (worth RM108) x1
  • TimeWise Age-fighting Moisturizer 88ml (worth RM118) x1
  • TimeWise Liquid Foundation 29ml (worth RM72) x2
  • DisposableMixing Tray x10
  • Facial Mirror x3
  • Crème Lipstick Sample x6
  • TimeWise Cleanser & Moisturizer (Normal/Dry) sample x6 pairs
  • TimeWise Day SPF35/Night Solution x6pairs
  • Botanical Effects Mask F2 Normal x6sachets

**Items listed as at 02 June 2014. It may vary time to time. **



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