Paddy Field @ Sekinchan 2: Harvest

Aloha, my peeps.. =D
Finally Friday is here!
Oh yeah, where to go ya later?
Should have our happy hour =p
Well, this is a late posting again. ><
Been busy recently on work and events.
So, here we go — part 2 of paady field in Sekinchan.
If you haven’t read part 1, click here..
Nice photograph, right? 😉
Credited to my dear.
He really an amazing man. =D
Okay… I shall straight to the point now.

According to the schedule we found,
mid of May is the mature stage of paddy;
which mean the paddy fields will turn to gold yellow!
Wow, imagine you can witness this happen!
That moment cannot buy by money. =0
Somemore, I seldom saw people posting up the harvest season.
So, with only one second, I talked to my dear and decided to go during 17 May.
Godness!! Oh No!!!!
I really can’t believe my eyes when first watching this upon arrival.
This is so much beautiful than what I could imagine.
I bet you will have the same thought like us if you compare this with the previous posting.
And thanks god, that day was a sunny day.
It make a remarkable day of ours.
This was the first time I saw the golden yellow paddy field.
And look, this is the rice I have eaten for 20+ years!
Seriously, I felt warm and touched that time.
Let’s see the macro view of paddy. =)
I love them very much.
It was taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with macro clip lens.
And and and we were really really really lucky!!!!!
We even witness the farmers reaping!
WOW! It was really a great experience.
Now, I still feel my excitement. =p
Another thing I think we were really lucky because some paddy fields have finished reaping;
and the farmers have cleaned up those field.
So, if we were late for one week again,
we couldn’t watch this beautiful ready-to-harvest paddy field.
Now, I think they have wrapped up all the fields.
They are preparing to trade the paddies;
meanwhile preparing to transplant the young paddies.
Indeed, some fields have already transplanted new paddies.
So, for now, I guess it wouldn’t be a good season to watch this beautiful scene anymore.
If you wish to watch it, MARK your calendar!
This blessing time will come again in mid November.
You shall try your luck in the second or third week.
Else, you have to wait until next mid May to watch this.
Till then.
Happy weekend, my dearest. 😉
View Galerie – Paddy Field, Sekinchan for more photographs.


  1. The photos remind me of the Microsoft wallpaper since it looks so crisp and you could feel that you are part of the environment.

  2. Love the photos and the story as well. Planting is very tiring but little patience you’re going to get a bounty harvest at end.


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