Photography Date @ Putrajaya

The Sunday before yesterday (I mean last last Sunday),
Danny brought me to Putrajaya again.
When I say again, it mean we really went there often.
The third time we went within this two months.
But then, we went 3 different areas.
This time we went to Presint 1, 
where the Putra Mosque located.
Undeniably, Putrajaya is really big.
There are more than 15 presints there.
Without Waze, I guess we will get lost and don’t know how to back home. >.<

We arrived Putrajaya around 5pm.
There were crowded.
Huh?! Maybe because it is weekend,
so family came for visit.
We went to the foodcourt and have some desserts;
waiting for sunset and night.
What a perfect moment when my food come, 
it is sunset.
Jiang Jiang!!! A perfect photo made. =p

Having favorite dessert,
enjoying the sunset with the loved one.
I am the blessed one. 

How long time I have not really sit down and enjoy the sunset?
This is the greatest but the shortest moment in our life.
It takes time to wait it come;
yet, it leave so fast.

Soon, the sky turned dark,
the lights were on.
We were still waiting for the moment to photograph.
Finally, we can see the reflection of Seri Wawasan Bridge on the lake.
Ha! This is the moment we waited for. =D
This bridge is one of the attractions here.
Because it will change colors.
The first time I saw it, 
I was surprised that Putrajaya has such beautiful view. 

Other than that,
we photographed the Putra Perdana Building;
which I wrongly said it is the Putrajay Mosque.

To make this photograph,
we actually did something crazy. XD
We stood in the middle of the road,
setting up our tripod, using long shutter to shoot it. >.<
Being a photographer isn’t easy, huh?!
But the result is satisfying.

Whookay, till here my fellow readers.
See Galerie – Putrajaya for more photographs. 😉
Btw, let’s me share the one and only selfies of us that day. =p


    • Thanks. If you have the chance, ypu kust pay a visit there. I guess Putra Mosque is the only mosque that allow non-Muslims to go in visiting.

  1. I’ve been to Putra Jaya and it’s really picturesque. Since I’ve been there at day time, I’m now captivated by your night shots of Putra Jaya.


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